Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following Wood County property transfers were recorded between Sept. 18-23:

* Scott Creel to Caleb Cottrill, tract 2.55 acres old Route 50 and all interest oil gas and mineral rights, Clay District, $194,000.

* Terry Thomas to Joseph Hornbeck, all interest lots 29, 30 and 31 Campbell’s addition, city of Williamstown, $165,000.

* Heartwood Forestland fund limited partnership to Prosser Land & Timber LLC, several tracts less exceptions Walker and Union districts, $620,610.

* Kenneth Kaiserman to Bill Atkinson, tract 1.33 acres state route number two, Williams District, $190,000.

* AB Contracting Inc to Richard Fox, lots 21 and 22 Westover Estates subdivision section number one, Lubeck District, $7,000.

* Harbor Lane Development LLC to Richard Fox tract 96.7 21 acres less exceptions, West Virginia Route 68, Lubeck District, $140,000.

* Van White to Philip Brown, lot 13 South Acres addition Tygart District, $175,000.

* Bernard Paxton to Bernard Paxton, tract 1.4 acres and tract 1.63 acres Old St. Marys Pike and right of way, Parkersburg District, $10,000.

* Michael Romine to NO@1230 South Associates LLC, tract 4.9 acres Wood County Route 47/6 and right of way and easement with plat, Clay District, exempt.

* Robert Summers to Beaver West Virginia LLC, lot Park Street, city of Parkersburg, $52,500.

* William Sayre to Clint Sayre, tract 2.82 acres Leander Lane with plat, Union District, exempt.

* Kurt Weaver to Darren Poole, lots 38, 39, 40 and 41 Bell addition number one less strip, city of Vienna, $310,000.

* Sylvia Browne to Diane Judith, lot 37 Joseph Hile addition, city of Parkersburg, $59,000.

* Stefanie Rummer to Zachary Krieg, lot two Hillsdale addition, city of Vienna, $157,000.

* Anita Moehlmann to Philip Mason, lot 26 Norwood addition, city of Vienna, exempt.

* Eric Bonar to Gary Fox, surface only tract 1.09 acres West Virginia Route 68 with platt, Harris District, $16,000.

* Richard Bonar to David Davis, surface only tract 1.9 acres with plat, Harris District, $16,000.

* Michael Chefren to John Fanta, tract 14,939 square feet Ann’s Drive and tract Ohio River all interest easements, Parkersburg District, $259,000.

* Justin Miller to Michael Jantorno-Rahilly, tract old U.S. Route 21, Williams District, $85,000.

* Stephen Miller to Mark Belyus, lot 24 McDougal addition, Parkersburg District, $48,000.

* David Dinnin to David Dinnin, lot 10 subdivision Carrie Morelan tracts less exception, Parkersburg District, exempt.

* Ram Sathy to Joseph Griffin, lot 51 phase three Walnut Grove subdivision, Lubeck District, $175,000.

* Richard Mullen to Jeremy Sams, tract 118.18 acres less oil, gas and mineral rights, Harris District, $165,000.

* Philip Harris to Thomas Collins, tract one acres and one acre Lee Creek addition, Harris District, $9,000.

* Charles Guinn to Charles Guinn, tract 2.16 acres West Virginia Highway, number 31, Union District, exempt.

* Melanie Trotta to Samuel Winans, lot .184 acre Fourth Ave., City of Vienna, $275,000.

* Stephenie Meyers to Justin Brown, lot Linden Street and 26th Street, city of Parkersburg, $139,999.

* Gregory Semones to Chad Boone, lot 52 Blenn-lake addition Lubeck District, $175,000.

* Stephen Tracewell to Harold Smith II, lot 35 Happy Valley Lodge and Evans subdivision number one, Clay District, $90,000.

* Tim Chancellor to Alexandria Riser, part of lot seven block Six Stephenson Staunton Pike addition, city of Parkersburg, $15,000.

* Diane Damron to James O’Brien, lot 14 J C Trembly addition, city of Vienna, $247,750.

* Christine Lee to John Landis, lot Laird Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $75,000.

* Robert Morris to L and J properties North LLC, part lot 33 Gold McCandless and Shaw’s addition, city of Parkersburg, $34,100.

* Teresa Heavner to Charles Neale III, lot 140 and lot 1,262 square feet Greenmont Hills addition Phase 10 less exception, city of Vienna, $380,000.

* Steven Sharp to Connie Tennant, lot eight Parkerstowne subdivision, Williams District, $82,500.

* K. Stoneman to Matthew Sexton, lot one block seven Henderson Lands, city of Williamstown, $106,900.

* Andrew Pickens to Mary Ross, part of lot nine Laird Avenue, City of Vienna, exempt.

* Nellie Cox to Storman LLC, part lot 14 Greenmont Hills addition, Phase two, city of Vienna, $340,000.

* Larry Richards to Garrett Dailey, lots 74, 75, 76 and 77 Dupont Manor addition, less exception, Lubeck District, $161,000.

Sept. 24-25

* Seneca Trustee Incorporate sub trustee to JPMorgan Chase Bank, lot Cadillac Drive, city of Parkersburg, $155,492.50.

* Morgan Stubbe to Jennie White, lots 11 and 12 Tavener’s Worthmore addition, city of Vienna, exempt.

* Linda Leach to Hunter Cline, lot 24 South Acres addition, city of Parkersburg, $90,000.

* Steven Moeck to Joshua Parsons, surface only, tract 64 – 3/4 acres less exceptions Rock Camp Road, Steele District, $300,500.

* Gavin Jones and attorney to Erica Krieg, two lots Vair Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $155,000.

* Mark Shockey to Jimmy Sailor, tract five acres Carpenters Run Road less right of way, Union District, $15,000.

* Nohe Ovie Estate to Jay Hitchcock, all interest tract 1/5 acres Staunton Turnpike, less exception, Parkersburg District, $45,000.

* Robert Freeman to Dorraine Allen, lot one A TJ Hynes subdivision, Parkersburg, $60,000.

* Gordon Miller to Conley Properties LLC, lot seven Raymond Wharton subdivision, city of Parkersburg, $47,000. * Hans Rinehart to Austin Fleak, tract .092 acre Leachtown Lane Road, Clay District, $147,000.

* Byron Family Trust to James Polling, lot 20 Fairview Heights addition section C and five inch right of way, city of Parkersburg, $245,000.

* Nicholas Franklin to Dakota Hiley, lot 34 Wade’s addition, city of Parkersburg, $90,000.

Sept. 26 -27

* Fannie Mae to Brenda Woomer, lot 25th Street, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Ronald Guisinger to Renae Huffman, lots two and three Whealdon’s subdivision Ward Farm, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Eric Chichester to Dakoda Chichester, lot 92, Parkersburg Industrial Companies Fairplains addition number one, City of Parkersburg, $52,000.

* Bobbi Smith to Robert Treadway, lot C. GT Ward subdivision Oak Park addition, city of Parkersburg, $125,000.

* Don Martin to Ethan Martin, tract 1.47 acres Walker Creek with plat, Walker District, $2,000.

* Zachary Craig to Stephanie Rummer, lot 157 North Hills Estates, town of North Hills, $220,000.

* Marlin Sams to Christopher Sams, tract 12.48 acres and right of way, tract four acres 69 poles, tract .60 acre River Hill Road, less exceptions, Lubeck District, exempt.

* Seneca Trustees Incorporate to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 48, Fairplains addition number three, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Stephanie LaFollette to Cody LaFollette, tract Homestead Drive, Williams District, exempt.

* John McNelly to Tube Investments LLC, tract 1.524 acres, Camden Avenue, Tygart District, $585,000.

* Seneca Trustees incorporate to Pamela Whitlock, tract .24 acre, tract .22 acre and tract .12 acre Valley Road, City of Parkersburg, $100,000.


PARKERSBURG — The following property transfers were recorded between Oct. 1-7 in Wood County:

* Sandra Ryan to Robert Ryan , Lots 17 and 18 Oakwood Estates, Union District, exempt

* Sandra Ryan to Sandra Ryan, Lots 17 and 18 Oakwood Estates, Union district, exempt

* Cecil Miracle to Jared MacIver, Right of way, State Route 31 with exhibits, exempt

* Cecil Miracle to Jonathan MacIver, tract 2.728 acres, State Route 31 with exhibits, Williams district, exempt

* Cecil Miracle to Jeffrey Miracle, tract 0.308 acres, State Route 31 with exhibits, Williams District, $249,900

* James Auvil to Mathew Schlemmer, lots 1 and 2 Forest Hills addition No. 6, Vienna District, $83,000

* David Peck to Kashayla Brown, tract 1.42 acres, Lubeck District, $137,500

* Gary Lockney to Connie Moeck, lots 26 and 27 Evan-Dale Terrace and Right of way, Lubeck District, exempt

* Sharon Southern to Brittany Smith, tract 4. 63 acres Larkmead Road, Lubeck District, exempt

* Angela Noland to Angela Noland, Pt lot 79 Parker’s-Towne Phase 1, Williams District, exempt

* Angela Noland to Angela Noland, lot 78 Parkers-Town Subdivision 1, Williams District, $98,000

* Michael Conley to Dale Kerns, lot 127 Lincolnshire Subdivision, Slate District, exempt

* William McInnis to Brian Hornsby, tract 106 acres less exception and tract 70 acres, and tract 53.5 acres Ridge Road, and tract 50 acres less exception, Oil, gas and mineral rights, Union District, $600,000

* Alan Whitlock to Ronald Roush, all interest lot 90 Mt. Pleasant Estates and Oil, gas and mineral rights, Slate District, $114,500

* Nelson Douglas to Norm Payne, lot 137 Panorama addition and Pt Alley East Plum Street less easement and Oil, gas and mineral rights, City of Parkersburg, $89,000

* Minda Gerlach to Olena Howerton, lot 78 section 3 Belmont Manor addition and oil, gas and mineral rights, City of Parkersburg, $105,000

* Charles Corra to Jerry Terburgh, tract 1.74 acres River Hill Road, Lubeck District, $90,000

* Joshua Burdette to Aaron Rickman, lot 2 Tarrytowne, Lubeck District, $154,000

* Robert Moran to Barbara Wigal, lot 24 CC and HM McPeek’s Rayon View addition, Tygart District, $80,000

* John Osborn to Jenny Porter, Pts lots 125 and 126 Maxwell and Pearcy City Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $142,500

* Daniel Carper to Daniel Carper, tract 0.77 acres, Secondary Route 9/7, Lubeck District, exempt

* Frederick Shreve to Calvin Westfall, lot, Gale Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $6,000

* Cindy Lawson to Crown Real Estate LLC, lots 1 and 2 Block B Nicelyville addition, City of Parkersburg, $15,000

* William Guice to Brittany Tefft, lot 11 Eastlawn addition, City of Parkersburg, $110,000

* William Brookover to Jessica McElroy, Pt lot 3 Terrace Park addition and all interest strip and Right of way, City of Vienna, exempt

* Charlotte Biehl to Union Creek LLC, All interest Pt Lot 79 Smith’s Subdivision No. 2, City of Vienna, $70,000

* Stanley Shingleton to Jerry Logston, tract 2.160 acres Wood County Road 17, Steele District, $33,000

* Larry Wells to Joseph Sams, tract 0.793, State Route 68, Lubeck District, $35,000

* Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO IRA No. 2055423 to Robert Johnson II, all interest lot 143 and Pt lot 144 Pleasant View addition, City of Vienna, $69,500

* WV Trustee Services LLC Sub Trustee to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, lot 88 Teft’s addition, City of Parkersburg, $40,000

* Harold Campbell Jr. to Dustin Burns, lot 32 Raymond Wharton’s Subdivision, City of Parkersburg, $100,000

* Edward Taylor and executor to Michael Taylor, lots 5 and 6 Crystal Springs Lake addition and tract Lake Street, Lubeck District, $259,000

* Matthew Greathouse to Joshua Burdette, lot 9 Oak Acres Subdivision, Lubeck District, $178,000

* Rebuild America Inc. to Richard Lipscomb, two tracts County Road, Lubeck District, $36,000

* Elenor McKay to Carla Starcher, lot 1 Subdivision Edgemont addition, City of Parkersburg, $160,000

* Barbara Pearson to Rebecca Drake, lots 66 and 70 Larchmont addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt

* April Sams to Michael Keiser, tract Grassy Run Road, Slate District, $230,000


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