Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following real estate transfers were recorded at the Wood County Courthouse Sept. 16 and17, 2019:

* Fannie Mae to Jeffrey Semones, lot 11 Lubeck Hills addition, Section E, Lubeck District, exempt.

* Alan Yoak, attorney to John Ingram, five lots Sixth Street, city of Parkersburg, $38,500.

* Connie Hatfield to Chester Francis, part of lot one, J.O. Mead subdivision, Tygart District, $15,000.

* Mark McLean to Gavin Jones, lot 17 and part of lot 15 Garden Estates Incorporate, subdivision section two, less exception, city of Parkersburg, $294,000.

* AJX Mortgage Trust II, trustee to Douglas Burkhammer, tract one acre, secondary Route Eight, Williams District, $68,000.

* GRP Enterprises Incorporate to Quezada Arellano, part lots one and two Tavennerville number one, city of Parkersburg, $25,000.

* Misty Bowersock to Laura Cunningham, lot 67 Fairground Park addition, city of Parkersburg, $30,000.

* Davy Dye to Michael Doyle, lot 44 Franklin Heights addition, city of Parkersburg, $115,000.

* George Black to Sally Symington, unit 11 – 139 Chateau unit Phase two, all rights and privileges to limited common area appurtenant the fields Little Run Farm Condominium and rights of way, city of Williamstown, $225,000.

* Richard Boothby to Chad Yeardley, part lot seven Davidson and Pearcy addition, city of Parkersburg, $165,000.

* Joshua Parsons to Jacob Baldwin, tract .359 acre, tract 3.53 acres and tract 2.94 acres and rights of way, Slate District, $329,000.

* Jacob Baldwin to Misty Bowersock, tract 1.2217 acres and right of way, Slate District, $121,500.

* Jeffrey Jones to Gary Hendershot, lots 11, 12 and part of lot 10 Tremont Addition part public roadway, Willowbrook Drive, less exceptions, city of Parkersburg, $120,000.

* Seneca Trustees Incorporate, Sub Trustee to Branch Banking and Trust Company, tract 1.985 acres, Lake Washington Road, Lubeck District, $36,779.32.

* Diana Smith to Diana Smith, all interest lot 10, R/V plat number two, Northwood Addition and easement, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Bailey and Slotnick PLLC, Trustee to United States of America, lot two Mineral Acres subdivision, less right of way, Slate District, exempt.

* Betty Moore to Brownstone Enterprise LLC, lot 12310 square feet, 33rd Street, city of Parkersburg, $117,000.

* Rodney Miller to Derek Miller, tract one acre, Slate District, $25,000.

* Neil Dilly to Tamara Dilly, tract 33.75 acres, Henry Farson Estate and right of way, Clay District, $320,000.

* Angela Johnson to Avery Phillips, part of lots 70, 71 and 72 section C, Lubeck Hills Addition, less exception, Lubeck District, $142,500.

* Edward Miller to Arnold Spencer Jr., lot A Homestead Park addition number three, Tygart District, $3,000.

* Chad Moore to Christopher Jenks, tract 0.98 acre Hope Hill Road, Tygart District, $4,500.


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