Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following real property transfers were recorded between Aug. 5 and 9, 2019 in the office of the Wood County Clerk:

* Clyde S. Dawkins to Dallas Chester McCumbers, tract, 1.363 acres Woodyard Creek Road, Lubeck district, $35,000.

* John W. Brace II to Carmella Ann Davis, lot 8, George W. Wentz addition, City of Vienna, $52,000.

* Lisa Wilson to James Wilson, all interest in lot 73, Highland addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Dallas T. Brown to Diane A. Keith, lot 91, Panorama addition, City of Parkersburg, $69,000.

* James M. Frazier to Kay Hudson, tract, .008 acre, Lubeck district, $250.

* Kay Hudson to Kay K. Wohl Trust, tract, 2.561 acres, W.Va. 892 with exhibit, Lubeck district, exempt.

* Alan M. Blavos to Kelsee Rector, tract, .84 acre, Old St. Marys Pike, City of Parkersburg, $110,000.

* Joe Whitacre to Lisa Marie Whitacre, lot 54, Camp 77 and easement, Slate district, exempt.

* Boyd Richard Deem to Mary Taylor, lot 30, Meadows addition, City of Parkersburg, $55,000.

* Duane Scott Harrison to Brad S. Butcher, surface only, tract 3.5 acres, Garrison Lane with exhibit, Union district, $17,500.l

* Courtney K. Kerns to Roger Patterson, lot 3 and part of lots 2 and 4, Columbia Terrace addition, City of Parkersburg, $21,000.

* David B. Wamsley to Matthew Gittings, lot, Lynn Street, 125 feet by 32 1/2 feet, $15,000.

* Andrew D. Fenton to Erik D. Stonebreaker, lot 3, block 15, Glass Works addition and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, City of Williamstown, $160,000.

* Kelly D. Sams to Daniel Earl Bunch, part of lot 10, Port View Farms No. 3 and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, and right of way, Union district, $171,000.

* Parkersburg Post 15 of the American Legion to Ohio Valley Realty Co., lots 39 and 40, Children’s Home addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Cheryl L. Richards to Glen E. Allen, lot 158, Pine View Manor addition, Tygart district, $2,500.

* Patricia E. Goodwin to Beaver WV LLC, part of lot 41, Oak Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $55,200.

* David E. Phillips to Franklin W. Rector III, lot 7, H.B. Tallman addition, City of Vienna, $122,000.

* Patricia E. Goodwin to Beaver WV LLC, part of lot 43, Oak Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $55,200.

* Conrad Development LLC to Eric E. Brown, lot 52, Wakefield subdivision, section A, Lubeck district, $8,000.

* James A. Albright to Jamie Ann Barber, lot 3, J.W. Dils Heirs addition No. 3, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Richard M. Adams to Blennerhassett Holding Co., LLC, lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, H.D. and Ada Fitch subdivision and strip, Lubeck district, exempt.

* Kristin A. Boggs, substitute trustee, to Elmer LLC, part of lot 12, E. Little’s addition, Clay district, $33,835.92.

* Cecil C. Persell to Sharon Whitesel, tract, 2 1/4 acres, Clay district, exempt.

* Golden and Amos PLLC, trustee to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 6, Farnsworth subdivision, S.S. Stone’s subdivision No. 1, City of Vienna, exempt.

* Anna H. Bennett to James Riding, lot, Juliana Street, City of Parkersburg, $210,000.

* West Virginia Trustee Services LLC, substitute trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 57, Woodland Park addition part 2, section 1, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Rita Taylor Sjostedt to Heath C. Rader, lot, Avery Street and Emerson Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $88,000.

* Diane Merinar to Crystal Lockhart, lot, Latrobe Street, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Jeremy C. Sands to Ronald Pritchard, lots 1 and 28, Edgewood Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $164,000.

* Stephen A. McGinnis to Stephen Andrew McGinnis, all interest, tract, 50 acres, Little Kanawha River, Clay district, exempt.

* Derek S. Trembly to Michael L. Bernke, lot 34, Westover Estates subdivision, section 1, Lubeck district, $18,000.

* Joanna R. Rhoades to Tyrell W. Emrick, lot 27, Carl-Lee-Ray addition, section B, Lubeck district, $125,000.

* Carl E. Sams to Justin Beanard, lots 22, 23 and 24, Ogdenville extension division and all interest easement, City of Parkersburg, $159,000.

* David E. Parsons to Kevin R. Davis, tract, 165 feet by 172 feet by 165 feet by 77 feet, Steele district, $8,000.

* Charletta K. Boggs to Nathan Aaron Boggs, all interest in tract, 10 acres, Keller Road, less exception, Williams district, exempt.

* Roy J. Ward to Olivia F. Deems, lot 8, Pahlhurst Plaza addition, section A, Lubeck district, $135,000.

* Calvin W. Harrison to Drew D. Bethea, lot 3, Northwood Villa Estates, Union district, $147,000.

* Clark Austin Rader Jr. to Timothy Harris, tract, 5.01 acres, County Road 27, Steele district, $20,000.

* Kristie Johnson to Chelsea Johnson, lot, 14th Street, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* True Properties LLC to Melinda Hurst, lot 45, Sunnyside addition, City of Parkersburg, $38,500.

* Bradley Sean Taitt to Norma F. Williamson, lot 43, A.T. Smith subdivision No. 2, City of Vienna, $118,000.

* Douglas C. Clark to Anthoney L. Dodd, lot 36, Northwood Villa Estates, Union district, $134,000.

* Alancea R. Reitz to John Shockey, lots 7, 8 and 9, block 8, Dudley’s Second addition, City of Parkersburg, $113,000.

* David Lee Farnsworth to Berdine Properties LLC, lots 14 and 15, Claude Sands addition No. 2, Williams district, $120,000.

* Sheli Herron to Gene E. Buffington, lot 42, R.R. Debussey’s Neale View addition, City of Parkersburg, $73,000.

* Robert L. Bayer to Julie A. McWherter, lot 12, North Pointe subdivision, phase I and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, Union district, $307,500.

* Lana S. Law to Ashley Sargent, lot 44, Mt. Pleasants Estate and oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, Slate district, $164,900.

* Edsil W. Burkhamer to Equity Trust Co., lot 166, Vienna Improvement Co. addition, City of Vienna, $60,000.

* Rebecca Joann Adcock to Carrie Lynn Monroe, lot 23, Wentz and Gangwer’s Springdale Heights addition, City of Parkersburg, $78,000.


PARKERSBURG — The following property transfers were recorded in Wood County between Aug. 23-26, 2019:

* Anastasia Beall to Ralph Tisdale, lot 29 and part lot 28, H C Hopkins addition and part of alley less right of way and all oil, gas and mineral rights if any, city of Parkersburg, $180,000.

* Summit Road LLC to Alvin Reed, tract 17, 250 square feet Old Saint Marys Pike, less exception, Williams District, $230,000.

* Eric Abilmona to Justin Abilmona, lot 63 Oak Park addition, city of Parkersburg, $42,000.

* Cassie Schalge to William Guice, lot 11 Eastlawn addition, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* John Curry II to John Curry II, lot one J. Harry Leonard addition, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Brian Tessaro to Michael Conley, lot 13 Forest Hills addition number one, city of Vienna, $194,500.

* Elizabeth Spaur to Eric Shea, tract 2.125 acres Carpenter Run Road, Union district, $234,000.

* Wilson Foster to James Dines, tract 108.39 acres Ridge Road, less exceptions, Steele District, $175,000.

* Eric Shea to Kathy Fenton, lot E. Burhl Shawver subdivision, city of Williamstown, $163,500.

* Kristi Peck to Edna Peck, all interest lot 26 and part of lots 25 and 27 Camden Farms addition number two, less exception, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Mitchell Lang to Kim Properties Incorporated, three lots and lot 181.55 square feet Second Street and easement and strip less exception, city of Williamstown, $39,000.

* Donald Tanner Jr. to Mark Kuhn, part of lot 38 Stratford Glen first Rev plat, city of Vienna, $175,000.

* Phyllis Risher to John Dye, tract 8.99 acres and right of way and two tracts, Slate District, exempt.

* Anita Emerick to Myron Callihan, lot 20 High School Place addition, city of Parkersburg, $32,000.

* Raymond Boyles to Billy Gibson, tract .687 acre, Clay District, with plat, $15,000.

* Brent Darnold to Eric Bradley, lot six Carl-Lee-Ray addition section A, Lubeck District, $51,500.

* Michael Morales to Robert Miller, lot 17 South Acres addition, city of Parkersburg, $87,000.

* Loretta Rutherford to Jennifer Metz, lots B&C Ferguson’s subdivision Camden Riverview Terrace addition, city of Parkersburg, $68,000.

* Brian Lafferre to Charles Corra, part lot 6.05 acres Rev plat Bellevue Heights addition, city of Parkersburg, $160,000.

* Ronald Utt to Jonah Utt, tract 4.884 acres and right of way, Clay District, exempt.

* Alan Whitlock to Matthew Parsons, all interest tract .19 4 acre Maple Drive, Union District, $145,000.

* Gary Diclemente to Zoe Louise Christian Isabel Ham, part lot 144 Parkersburg industrial companies Edgewater addition number one, city of Parkersburg, $84,000.

* Michael Deem to Matthew Deem, lot 10 Emmett F. Wells addition number two and tract .25 acre Lubeck District, $120,000.

* Gregory Bird to Daphne Jeffrey, lot 119 Dupont Manor addition, Lubeck District, $155,500.


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