Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following properties were transferred in Wood County between June 13 and 16:

* From Walter Meeks to Clean Living Properties LLC, lot 8 and part of lot 9, Harry Elletson’s land less strip, city of Parkersburg, $62,000.

* From Dale Thorn to William Cox, tract two acres Dry Run Road and tract .23 acre with plat, Parkersburg District, $6,746.95.

* From Mary Frances Brewer to Richard See, lot 129 block three Shattuck Heights Addition, Parkersburg District, $80,000.

* From Sharon Loraine Westbrook to Emmanuel Properties LLC, all interest tract 6.3 acres Old St Marys Pike and tract 16,411 square feet and right away with plat, Union District, exempt.

* From Rodger Jones II to Christina Bauer, lot 21 Franklin Heights and lot 20 amended plat Franklin Heights and all interest oil, gas minerals if any, city of Parkersburg, $100,000.

* From Eddie Paul Gray to Robert Scott, lot seven first revised plat Highland Heights subdivision and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any, city of Williamstown, $155,000.

* From Craig Knowlton to John Flynn, lot six and part of lot seven Grandview Subdivision and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights if any, Parkersburg District, $147,000.

* Ira Drennen to Faith Investments LLC, all intentions lot 33 by 75, Beaver and 14th streets, Parkersburg City, $1,500.

* From Aimee Cross to Gleisis King, lot 331 Fairgrounds Park Addition, city of Parkersburg, $25,000.

* From Kenny Tingler to Arthur Tucker, part lot 31 block one Vaughan’s Addition, city of Parkersburg, $75,000.

* From Thomas Hall Jr. to Thomas Hall Jr., tract 26.1 acres secondary 25/8 and right of way Steele District, exempt.

* From Thomas Hall Jr. to Nick Winters, tract 26.1 acres, secondary 25/8 and right of way, Steele District, $76,000.

* From Cindy Pate to Jeffrey Hoffman life estate, undefined one-half interest lots seven, eight and nine Russell’s Edition and two strips less exceptions, city of Williamstown, exempt.

* From Kimberly Hill to Anthony Holcomb, lot 30 C.O. Parrish and F. H. Morris property, Union district, exempt.

* From RBK Enterprises Incorporated to NO@1272 LLC, tract one acre, tract 63 acres, County Road, tract 115 acres and tract .48 acre Gihon Road, Tygart District, $150,000.

* From K Two Property LLC to Legacy Property LLC, tract 55 by 165 and tract 55 by 165 Lynden Road and all interest in strip 6 by 55, city of Vienna, $400,000.

* From Billy Hardbarger to Jay Rittenhouse, lot 34 section B Carl-Lee Ray Addition and oil, gas and mineral rights if any, Lubeck District, $32,900.

* From Paul Marshall to Norman Cowart, tract 24.812 acres U.S. Route 50 and right of way, Walker District, $404,000.

* From Randall Barton to Robert Wilson, tract 1.77 acres section Route 25, Steele District, $70,000.

* From Flagstar Bank FSB to Chasity Stewart-West, lot 348 Riverview Addition, city of Vienna, $47,200.

* From Mary Brown to Tommy Shadd, lot 59 and part lot 60 Ralph L. Matheny addition number two, city of Parkersburg, $145,500.

* From John Bosley Enterprises Incorporated to Jeffrey McElroy, tract 4.642 acres with plat and right of way, Tygart District, $175,000.

* From Jane Settle to Judith Warner, all interest lot 19th Street, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* From Katherine Kelly to Michael Kearns, tract 14,675 square feet and tract 3,509 square feet less exception and right of way Granada Drive, Union District, $115,500.

* From Samuel Sapio to Kelli Lewis, lot 135 1/2 and part lot 135 Maxwell and Percy Addition, city of Parkersburg, $153,000.

* From Gary Edwards to Aaron Edwards, tract 4.565 acres, Buck Run Road with plat, Steele District, exempt.

* From Tuan Doan to Jared Mugrace, lot 110 Greenmont Hills Addition phase eight, city of Vienna, $300,000.

* From Jared Mugrace to Andrew Sells, lot four Howard Casto’s research development Rolston and Kibler Addition, city of Vienna, $169,500.

* From Bea Kesling to Capital Opportunities LLC, part lot 59 Staunton Turnpike addition, city of Parkersburg, $20,000.

* From Capital Opportunities LLC to Alicia Marshall, part lot 59 Staunton Turnpike addition, city of Parkersburg, $40,000.

* From Jackie Adams to Jackie Adams, lots four and five and part of lot three Maurice Tefft’s addition, Tygart District, exempt.


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