Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — Between May 6 and 10, the following real property transfers were recorded in the office of the Wood County Clerk:

* Ellen Deem, indirect, to Mark W. Deem, lot 31 and part of lot 30, Rolston and Kibler’s addition and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, City of Vienna, $147,000.

* Hiep T. Smith to Michelle R. West, lot 65 and part of lot 64 and 66, Kemper Place addition and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, City of Parkersburg, $90,700.

* Michael L. Gent to Gabrielle E. Taylor, lot, 30th Street and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, City of Parkersburg, $46,600.

* Bank of America, N.A. to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 223 and part to lot 224, Fairground Park addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Gary E. Oates Jr. to Dylan O. Wolfe, tract, .56 acre, Carpenter Run Road and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, Union district, $90,000.

* Norma F. Cline to Norma F. Cline Revocable Trust, lot 3, Country View Manor, Slate district, exempt.

* Williamstown Pharmacy Inc. to Ramon L. Harper, lot, .4785 acre, Highland Avenue, City of Williamstown, $252,600.

* Howland A. Larsen, indirect, to Donald L. Stansberry, lot, less exception, City of Vienna, $245,000.

* Brandi L. Wilt to Emily C. Willey, lot 26 and part of lot 215, City Park Place addition, less strip, City of Parkersburg, $65,000.

* Ben Scott Brookover to Frank A. Ballone, tract, DuPont Road, Lubeck district, $124,000.

* Mary Wolf to Dariusz Jaroska, lot 3, revised plat, Willowbrook Acres No. 2, City of Parkersburg, $67,000.

* Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to James E. Craddock, tract, 1.53 acres, secondary route 28/2, Walker district, $50,000.

* Ronald D. Miller to Craig A. Beverly, surface only, tract, 3 acres and right to lane with plat, Clay district, $26,500.

* Patty A. Zickefoose to Lisa Taylor, lot 10, Southmoor addition, $115,000.

* John L. Beitz to Michelle Dawn Gibson, tract, .459 acre, Kittle Street, Union district, $148,000.

* Christine Lea Freed to Roy Stilgenbauer, tract, 2.37 acres, Kite’s Run, Clay district, $22,000.

* Angela R. Eakins to Gary L. Eakins, lot 14, Sunset Heights addition revised plat, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Susan L. Guinn to Megan A. Dolly, lot 89, Mt. Pleasant Estates, Slate district, $100,000.

* Andrew W. Lilly to Richard A. Lipscomb, lots 14, 15 and 20 and part of lot 19, Fix Hill addition, City of Parkersburg, $185,000.

* Donald L. Showalter to William N. Gray Jr., lot, .17 acre, City of Vienna, $156,000.

* Mary K. Dawson to Julie D. Henry, lot 11, Pleasant View addition, City of Vienna, exempt.

* John M. Wayne to John M. Wayne, tract, 1.06 acres, W.Va. 47 and right of way, Clay district, exempt.

* Joseph W. Booth to Kathy A. Farrar, lot 84, block 2, Shattuck Heights addition, City of Parkersburg, $157,000.

* Federal Home Mortgage Corp., indirect, to Misti Lee Gaston-Smith, lot 9, McCormick’s addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Lonnie M Tingler to Eric L. Wilt, lot 17 Hillsdale addition and all oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, Williams district, $135,000.

* Bradley T. Thorpe to William A. Padden, part of lot 17, Williams Heinselman redivision of S.S. Stone subdivision No. 1 and all interest oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, City of Vienna. $250,000.

* Gregory A. McDaniel to Samuel A. Moore, lot 19, Miller subdivision of Riverview addition, all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, City of Vienna, $133,500.

* Steven S. Snyder to Jason D. Snyder, tract, 45 acres, Wolf Run, Harris district, exempt.

* Eric R. Malhotra to Eric R. Malhotra, lot 22, Pahlhurst Plaza addition, section A, Lubeck district, exempt.

* Grant C. Boot to Bootlegger No. 1, LLC, parts of lots 1 and 2, Hays and Gikerson subdivision, Maxwell and Pearcy addition, and lot, Nash Street, City of Parkersburg and part of lots 1 and 2, McGrew and Dunsmoor subdivision, Parkersburg Industrial Co. Fairplains addition No. 1, Tygart district, exempt.

* ARCP RL Portfolio VII LLC, indirect, to SS Small Mouth Parkersburg LLC, all interest in lots 14, 15, 28, 29, 30 and 31 and part of lots 27, 32, 33, 46 and 47, Wentz and Gangers Rystal Springs addition and part of two alleys and two strips, 37th Street, City of Parkersburg, $3,377,000.

* Leah Robin Fox to Michael D. Skinner, all interest in lot 20, block 7, New Dominion addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Trisha D. Schmidt to Jessica B. Cottrill, lot, 150-feet by 43-feet, 10 inches, 33rd Street, City of Parkersburg, $69,000.

* Rondall Justin Moore to Montie A. Coleman, lot 70, Tarrytowne and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, Lubeck district, $96,000.

* Thelma R. Sinar Revocable Trust to Kimberly M. Barclay, lot 51, Fairview Heights addition, section B, City of Parkersburg, $140,000.

* Mary C. Terell to Daniel Crookshanks, lot 57 and part of lot 56, Lynden Road addition, City of Vienna, $40,000.

* Larry E. Pickens to PRR Cairo LLC, part of lots 29 and 30, Oak Park addition and easement, $30,000.

* Susan B. Tucker, executrix, to Roy R. Balderson, tract, 2.01 acres and tract, 22.12 acres, Meadville Road, Clay district, $124,000.

* Deanna Finnicum to Michael Luke Arnold, lot 58, Williams Heights addition, City of Vienna, $40,000.

* Anna Music to Jovar G. Simmons, lot F, Park View addition, and tract, .087 acre, Rosemar Road and all in mgm, if any, City of Parkersburg, $174,900.

* Nathan Jones to Scott E. Sauro, lot 58, Vienna Improvement Co. addition and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, City of Vienna, $116,000.

* Wesbanco Trust and Investment Services, executor, to Luke A. Walton, lot 32, Island View addition, section No. 2, Lubeck district, $140,000.

* Roger W. Smith to Robert L. Nelson Jr., lots 17 and 18, block 3, Dudley second addition, City of Parkersburg, $105,000.


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