Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following real property transfers were recorded between April 15-19 in the office of the Wood County Clerk:

* Marco Rentals LLC to J and J Properties of the Ohio Valley LLC, all interest in lots 17 and 19, and part of lot 18, Eagon’s addition and tract, 1.05 acres, secondary route 2/21 and tract, 4.60 acres, secondary route 2/20 and tract, .5378 acre and right of way, Williams district, $399,075.23.

* Kenneth Boyd Linville to Wyatt B. Richards, tract and tract, .136 acre, Mt. Pleasant Road, Slate district, $145,000.

* Jeffrey D. Jobes to Jason Lott, lot 33, Stratford Glen, first revised plat, City of Vienna, $213,000.

* Thomas C. Evans IV to Robert Edward Wiseman, part of tract F, Brookside addition, City of Parkersburg, $74,000.

* Pill and Pill, PLLC, substitute trustee, to West Virginia Housing Development Fund, lot 62, Block F, Nicelyville addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Whitney D. Petit to Gary L. Thieman, all interest in lot subdivision, Florence Pennybacker property and part ally, less right of way, City of Vienna, exempt

* Equity Trust Co., custodian, to Crystal A. Beagle, part of tract E, Camden Farms addition No. 2, City of Parkersburg, $44,900.

* Douglas B. Anderson, executor and trustee, to Barbara M. Allender, lot 78, section, B, Woodridge Plantation, Slate district, $260,000.

* Jack W. Vaughn to Charles S. Price Jr., tract, 18 acres, county road and tract, 2/3 acres, Spider Ridge Road, less exceptions, Clay district, $235,000.

* Robert R. Heavner to James D. Thorn, lot 49, section 4. A.T. Smith’s subdivision No. 2, City of Vienna, $89,900.

* Robin Silva to Mark Lupardus, lot 74 feet by 50 feet by 74 feet by 50 feet, City of Williamstown, $17,500.

* Betty Ann Williamson to Eric Craig Ruble, tract, Cale Avenue, Tygart district, $10,800.

* Randy S. Deems to Taylor P. Coplin, parts of lots 126 and 127, Maxwell and Pearcy’s City Park addition and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, City of Parkersburg, $144,000.

* Edwin D. Lemley to Nicholas P. Bibbee, lot 2.47 acres, 19 th Avenue, less exception, City of Vienna, $25,000.

* Christopher A. Stanwick to Lonnie M. Tingler, lot 44, Wellesley subdivision, Lubeck district, $190,000.

* Richard Lynn Whited to Blanche Venita Lyons, all interest, lots 54 and 55, A.T. Smith subdivision No. 1, City of Vienna, $82.680.

* J. Glenn Desenze to James Glenn Desenze, all interest in part of lot 25, H.C. Brown’s re-division, Camden Farm addition No. 2, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Beth Pflazgraf to Dianne P. Wolfe, tract, .9 acre, Clay district, exempt.

* Raymond Salzer Revocable Living Trust to Ridge Rock Enterprises LLC, units 17, 19, 33, 35, 39, 41 and 43, Willow Terrace Condominium and undivided interest in common elements, City of Parkersburg, $350,000.

* Raymond Salzer Revocable Living Trust to Ridge Rock Enterprises LLC, triangular piece, 230 feet by 34 feet by 94 feet, Parkersburg – Washington Bottom Road, Lubeck district, $140,000.

* Chad M. Gorrell to Christopher C. Hildebrecht, lots 6 and 7, Lindsay E. Blair addition, Tygart district, $135,000.

* Angela K. Mowish to Robert A. Wortman, lot, .276 acre, Wyngate Drive and right of way, City of Parkersburg, $386,500.

* Brian D. Carder to Debra Ann Smith, all interest, lot 3, Forest Hills addition No. 4, City of Vienna, $104,900.

* Danny W. Garber to William Watson, lot 7, Fouse and Hughes subdivision, Rathbone Estate, City of Parkersburg, $5,000.

* Julie B. Johnson to Jesse A. Barton, lot 82, section B, Woodridge Plantation, Slate district, $290,000.

* Norma Jean Cross to Amber B, Cross, tract, 2 acres, Valley Mills Road and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, Union district, $45,000.

* Thomas E. Douglass to Randy S. Deems, lot 30, Stratford Glen, all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, City of Vienna, $164,900.

* Jennifer Lee Barnette to Melissa K. Perry, lots 32 and 33, Fairway addition and all interest in oil, gas and mineral rights, if any, City of Parkersburg, $260,000.

* Kevin R. Hart to David Eaton, all interest in tract, 4 1/4 acres, Big Lick Run and Little Tygart Creek, Slate district, $6,000.

* MYCUMORTGAGE LLC to Jessica Casto, lot 12, Bickel Estates addition No. 1, Lubeck district, $128,000.

* Ralph E. Blair to Braidon Knotts, tract, 2.682 acres, lost Pavement Road, Lubeck district, exempt.

* Thomas R. Hathaway II to Hathaway Family LLC, lot, .184 acre, Gant Street and right of way, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Richard M. Adams Jr. to Richard M. Adams, lot 53, Meadowcrest addition, City of Parkersburg, $381,500.

* Charles R. Hudnell to Charles R. Hudnell, all interest in lot 56, and part of lot 55, Edgewater addition No. 1, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Jacob C. Oberlin to Evergreen Properties Group LLC, part of lot 13, Springdale Heights addition and right of way, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* ECMY Property LLC to Blake S. Boswell, lot 8, Wentz and Gangwers Springdale Heights addition, City of Parkersburg, $115,900.

* Christina Hall to Jessica Smith, lots 31 and 38, Ferrell’s Valley, Slate district, $2,300.

* Jenifer E. Watson to David B. Watson, all interest, lot .229 acre, Grand Central Ave., City of Vienna, exempt.

* Wood Duck Realty LLC to Pickering Land Group LLC, tract, 1/027 acres and right of way and easement, City of Parkersburg, $2,700,000.

* Steven Eddy to Rick W. Modesitt, unit 7, North Ridge Terrace condo and interest in common elements, 8,172 square feet, Williams district, $380,000.

* Julie M. Rathbone to Charles R. Price Jr., part of lot 133, Maxwell and Pearcy’s addition, City of Parkersburg, $110,000.

* Ellen Lynn Rafe to Ninth Street LLC, lot 80 feet by 12.95 feet by 80 feet and 12.95 feet, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Ricky L. Snider to Thomas L. Graham, part of lot 79, Parkers Towne phase I with plat, Williams district, $900.

* Nathan A. Hall, indirect, to Kristy Lynn Hendershot, lot 75, Mt. Pleasant Estates, Slate district, $120,000.

* Pamela L. Smith to George David Sell Jr., tract, 5 acres, Wood County Road 13/6. Tygart district, $200,000.

* Brenda Brum to Kevin S. Timm, lots 16 and 17, Beverly Heights Manor addition, City of Parkersburg, $79,000.

* Richard Gay Phillips to Ronald D. Bryant, lots 4 and 5, Southmoor addition, City of Parkersburg, $157,500.

* Easy Street LLC to Tan – N – Tan LLC, all interest in part of lots 7 and 8, Virginia Wright and Laurel Street, 50-feet by 10-feet, City of Parkersburg, $1,000.

* Speedway LLC to City of Parkersburg, lot, West Virginia and Emerson avenues, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Julie Allender to Sherry A. Asher, lots 35, 36, 27 and 28m block No. 2, section A, Larkmead addition, Lubeck district, $45,000.

* David C. Debarr to Chad A. Staats, tract 2 acres, Old Staunton turnpike and right of way with plat, Clay district, exempt.

* Clarissa L. Hall to Gary Adam Cremeans, lot 46, Revised plat, Smith’s Fairview addition, City of Parkersburg, $32,500.

* West Virginia Trustee Services LLC, substitute trustee, to W and P Holdings, LLC, lot 7 and part of lot 6, Hall’s addition, No. 3 and lot, 2,265 square feet, City of Parkersburg, $30,000.

* Karen P. Smith to DSJMJ Properties LLC, part of lot 7, Oak Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $23,000.

* Faith Investments LLC to Marvin Blair Jr., all interest in lot, 20 feet by 100 feet, Swann Street, $2,500.

* U.S. Bank Trust NA, trustee, indirect to Joshua L. Caplinger, all interest in tract, 1.03 acres, Ridge Road, Williams district, $35,000.

* Faith Investments to Christina Smith, lot 68, Briant’s Greenwood addition, $10,000.


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