Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following property transfers in Wood County were recorded Jan. 15-23:

* Alice Wilson to Robertson Drake, part of lots 133 and 134 Shattuck Heights Addition and lot Crescent St., less exception, Parkersburg district, $139,000.

* Clarice Trembly to Clarice Trembly, lot 53 Littlebrook Addition and Strip, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Marilyn Horton to Melissa Ann Thomas, lot 11th Street, City of Vienna, $96,500.

* Jania Green to Louis Stephan III, lot 13,564 square feet, city of Williamstown, $110,000

* Gene Yoho to John Gazzillo, lot 102 Camden River Terrace Addition, city of Parkersburg, $125,000.

* Michael Galloway to Geoffrey Cousins, phase number 25 Millstone subdivision, City of Vienna, $760,000.

* Amy Barker to James Reese Jr., lot six Mccoys Subdivision Fairplains number two addition, $10,000.

* Ronald Kerns to Michael Kerns, all intentions lot 55 Brierwood subdivision section two and oil, gas and mineral rights, Williams District, $20,000.

* Laura Boice to Megan Wilson, two lots 16th Street, city of Parkersburg, $17,500.

* Johnny Packer to Bobbi Clemens, all interest lot 51 revered plat Happy Valley Bodge, Evans subdivision addition number one and right of way and easement, Clay District, $2,000.

* Dale Wigal to Debra Sims, tract 9.3279 acres Wadesville Road, with plat, Harris district, exempt.

* Douglas Adams to Carmen Adams, tract 9.091 acres right of way less exception and interests oil, gas and mineral rights, Lubeck District, exempt.

* Roger Maxson and Alexander Anderson, tract 1.06 acres Kellar Lane and right of way, Williams District, $72,000.

* Robert Burner and Alison Montgomery, lot 23 and parts of lot 22 R.R Debussey’s Neale View addition, city of Parkersburg, $70,000.

* Ricky Haught to Edward Piggott, tract .789 acre Tug Fork Road, Walker District, $8,000.

* Jay Wolfe to Phillip McKaughan, part of lot 10 Theodocia Osborne Farm, Lubeck District, $246,000.

* John Adams Jr. to Michael Smith, tract 105.41 acres County Route 21/26 and rights of way, Steele District, $280,000.

* James Zoller to Jeffrey McCutcheon, lot one block one New Dominion Addition, City of Parkersburg, $112,000.

* Rodney Gibson to Bonnie Moore, lot 25 Valley View Addition, city of Vienna, $104,000.

* Timothy Barnes to Timothy Barnes, all interest of part of lot 21, Island View Addition, Section two and tract .926 acre and Island View Drive with exhibit, Lubeck District, exempt.

* Sandra Freeman to Blaine Duncan, tract 1.38 acres and tract 7,586 square feet old street Route number two, Harris District, $22,000.

* Linda Schamp to Kenneth Williams, tract 17.40 acres, county road 38/10, Lubeck District, $160,000.

* Rosemar United Methodist Church to Christopher Criss, tract 2.164 acres, Rosemar Road, Parkersburg District with exhibits, $75,000.

* James Eddy to Loretta Frederick, all interest 1/3 of 1/5 of 1/2 oil, gas and mineral rights, tract 50 acres Pigeon Roost Run, Walker District, exempt.

* Douglas West to Michael Matheny, lot T38 Lee Creek Addition, Harris District, $65,000.

* Barbara Miles to Loretta Frederick, all interest 1/3 of 1/5 of 1/2 oil, gas and mineral rights, tract 50 acres Pigeon Roost Run, Walker District, exempt.