Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following property transfers were recorded between Dec. 7-?? in the office of the Wood County Clerk:

* William J. Henry to Linda K. Dye, lot 6, revised plat, Lowther Place addition, City of Vienna, $79,000.

* Scott A. Wendelken to Keara Sue Fink Stevens, rectangular tract, DB Grier Farm, City of Vienna, exempt.

* Michele E. Washington, conservator, to Randy Joe Durnell, all interest lot, Busch Street and right of way, City of Parkersburg, $600.

* Keara Sue Fink Stevens to Nancy I. King, rectangular tract, City of Vienna, $122,000.

* Jane L. Josephs to James J. Higgins; surface only and 25 percent oil, gas and mineral rights; tract 50§ acres; North Lee Creek, less exception; Lubeck; $36,109.

* GNG Leasing LLC to Croesus Williamstown Holdings LLC, lot 0.486 acres and lot 3,330 square feet and lot 0.3828-A West Virginia State Road 14, Dodge Avenue, City of Williamstown, $1,400,000.

* F. James Waugh to Airgas USA LLC, surface only, tract 6.58 acres, West Virginia 47, less exception, Clay District, $467,000.

* Jo Ann Conaway, executrix, to Justin R. Anderson, lot 3, Sandalwood Place, City of Vienna, $140,000.

* Jon Robert Cox, executor, to Andrew Michael Florence, lot 61, Eastlawn Addition, City of Parkersburg, $70,000.

* Dale Lee Wallace, indirect, to Jeremy E. Gray, tract 0.459 acres, Kittle Street and right of way, Union District, $156,000.

* Joetta P. Moore to Joetta P. Moore, lot 0.85 acres, Ninth Street, City of Williamstown, exempt.

* James H. Conley to Libertyville LLC, part lot 2, Miller’s subdivision of GB Foley Farms subdivision less right of way, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Federal National Mortgage Association to CR 2018 LLC, Lot 12, Block A, Nicelyville addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Robert J. D’Avria to Eric D. Jackson, part lots 2 and 3, block 3, Midway Development Company addition, City of Vienna, $133,000.

* Steven Duane Starkey to Kelsey L. Johnston, lot 89, Mineral Acres subdivision, less exception, Slate District, $102,600.

* Jason R. Blue to Brian S. Worst, lot 10, Palhurst Plaza addition, section A, Lubeck District, $134,000.

* KGBB LLC to Thomas E. Douglass, Lot 2, Falling Waters subdivision, phase I, with exhibit, Williams District, $68,000.

* Scott Beaty, attorney, to Jimmy R. Easton, lot 27, Logan Heights addition, City of Parkersburg, $75,000.

* Cynthia P. Ferraris to Patrick A. Page, lot 79, Holmes Park addition 1, Parkersburg City, exempt.

* Richard Mayhew to Rodney Roberts, lot 2, Staunton Avenue addition subdivision of Staunton Pike Addition, City of Parkersburg, $47,000.

* William W. Green to Mikala Miller, lot 4, Realty Investment Syndicates subdivision of Parkersburg Industrial Company’s Fairplain addition 2, City of Parkersburg, $65,000.

* Robert J. Haught, attorney, to Dustin Spencer, lot 75, North Hills Estates, Town of North Hills, $215,000.

* Justin D. Blevins to Leesa J. Ferguson, tract 0.264 acres, Fallen Timber Drive, with plat, Williams District, $750.

* Edward Eugene Buffington Jr. to Perry Howard Buffington Sr., part lot 48, Rayon Park addition, Parkersburg City, exempt.

* Leah Mae Gilmore to Walter P. Mace, lot 117, Mullenix subdivision, section 2 and easement, Union District, $165,000.

* David G. Lefevers to ECMY Property LLC; part lots 17, 18 and 19; Holmes Park Addition No. 1; City of Parkersburg, $47,000.

* WV Trustee Services LLC, sub-trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 15, Blennerhassett Lake Addition, revised plat, Lubeck District, exempt.

* Robert C. Butler to Anthony K. Rhodes, lot 48, Brookside addition, City of Parkersburg, $180,300.


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