Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following real estate transfers were recorded at the Wood County Courthouse between Aug. 27-31:

* Dale L. Cottrill to Natosha Jade Alvis, part of lot 36, Highlawn addition, less reservation, City of Parkersburg, $109,500.

* Larry C. Montgomery to Rebecca A. Crislip, lots 31 and 32, Milroy addition, City of Vienna, $92,500.

* James B. Marks to Janice Sue Terry, tract 77 3/4 South Fork of Lee Creek Drive and oil, gas and mineral rights, less exceptions, Harris district, exempt.

* West Virginia Trustee Services LLC, substitute trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 12, block A, Nicelyville addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Diane Abshire, executrix, to Susan Trombetta, lot 1, block 24, H,C, Henderson land, City of Williamstown, $185,000

* Susan B. Trombetta to Brian P. O’Boyle, lot 8, Painters Crossing subdivision, City of Williamstown, $330,000.

* Darrell L. Schiefer to James W. Alton, lot 39, second amended plat, Oak Acres subdivision, Lubeck district, $150,000.

* Jackie Starkey to William O. Merriman Jr., lot, Gale Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $6,800.

* Everette S. Stalnaker to Sarah J. Robinson, part of lots 46 and 47, Wentz and Gangwers Springdale Heights addition, City of Parkersburg, $135,000.

* Patricia A. Ohrn to Kevin Ohrn, part of lots 3 and 4, block 3, Midway Development Co. addition, City of Vienna, $130,000.

* Lyle D. Francis to Carolyn L. Kalnajas, part of lot 4, Miller’s subdivision of G. B. Foley’s Farm subdivision, City of Parkersburg, $114,000.

* William A. Brooks Jr. to Jeremy Crites, part of lot 12 and part of lot 13, DePue addition and lot, Camden Avenue, Lubeck district, $7,000.

* Mamie M. Dawson to Lyle D. Francis, lot 87, Crestview Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $140,000.

* Ronald D. Frame to David R. Santee, all interest in tract, 10 acres, Slate Run Road, Harris district, $32,700.

* Tina L. Kunsman to Kenneth E. Clark, lot 48, Barondale addition, City of Parkersburg, $120,401.

* Alfred L. Buckbee to Dustin Curfman, tract, 1.4072 acres, Wolf Run Road, with plat, Steele district, exempt.

* William O. Merriman Jr., to Calvin Ray Westfall, lot, Gale Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $6,000.

* Perry L. Elschlager, executor, to Shelly R. Elschlager, tract, 6.37 acres and right of way, less exception, Tygart district, $210,000.

* Dessie G. Wilson to Stephen Moeck Jr., lot 24, Highland Lake Terrace, Lubeck district, $100,000.

* Donald J. Wolfe to Donald J. Wolfe, trustee, part of lot 10, Theodica Osborne Farm, Lubeck district, exempt.

* Carter Land Development Inc. to Terraza 7 LLC, lot 8 and part of lots 6 and 7, Goff allotments and easement, City of Parkersburg, $1,173,674.

* Harbor Lane Development LLC to Stephen A. Maone Jr., tract, .78 acre, Westover Lane, Lubeck district, $46,000.

* U.S. Bank N.A., successor trustee, to Joseph Smith, part of lot 20, Quick’s addition, City of Parkersburg, $27,500.

* West Virginia Trustee Services LLC, substitute trustee, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., tract, .454 acre, Turkey Foot Road and Scarce Fat Road, Slate district, $48,800.

* A.L. Goddard to Daniel R. Wiley, tract, .305 acre, less oil gas or mineral rights, Union district, $206,000.

* Lori A. Mullenix to JRM Properties LLC, lot 61, Parkers Towne subdivision, Phase I and all interest in oil gas or mineral rights, if any, Union district, exempt.

* Lori A. Mullenix to JRM Properties LLC, lot 136 and part of 135, Foley Heights addition No. 1, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Lori A. Mullenix to JRM Properties LLC, lot 221, Panorama addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Lori A. Mullenix to JRM Properties LLC, lot 3, R.R. DEBussey’s Neale View addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* James B. Dew to Brittany N. Gibson, lot, 20.390 square feet, East Ninth Street, City of Williamstown, $235,000.

* Gary S. Cooper to Jeffrey Sterling Cooper, tract, 13 acres and 2 poles, Tygart district, exempt.

* Michael A. Day to Autumn N. Monroe Ward, lot 30, Teffts addition, City of Parkersburg, $75,000.

* Geni Astorg to Lori D. Winship, lot 10, revised plat, Ables and Bohe subdivision, Williams Heights addition City of Vienna, $129,500.

* Flora E. Cline to Delbert C. Dawson, tract, .292 acre, Alton Road, Union district, exempt.

* Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Consuelo Lanham Moreno, all interest in lot, 26th Street, City of Parkersburg, $56,000.

* Alan Yoak to Kelly D. Gibbs, part of lot 36, S.S. Stone’s subdivision No. 1, $267,500.

* Michael T. Echard to Scott A. Seese, lot 34, Henderson Woods phase II and right of way, Williams district, $705,000.

* Joseph William Dehaven to Wesbanco Bank Inc., part interest, lot 68, Market Street, City of Parkersburg, $310,000.

* Robert D. Shaffer to Wesbanco Bank Inc., lot, Fourth and Market Street, lot, Market Street, City of Parkersburg, $400,000.

* Roberts Contracting LLC to Olena M. Howerton, lot 89, Ralph L. Matheny addition No. 3, oil gas or mineral rights, if any, City of Parkersburg, $167,500.

* Lawrence Yeater to Matthew E. Flinn, tract, .874 acre, Core Road, all interest in oil gas or mineral rights, if any, City of Parkersburg, $98,000.

* Brian S. Burnside to Benjamin Bennett, lot 13th Street. City of Parkersburg, $3,000.

* Phyllis C. Greathouse to Donnie D. Debrular, lot 11, Parish and Morris subdivision, City of Vienna, $50,000.

* Keavin Hartleroad to Roger L. Whited, tract, 40.75 acres and right of way and oil gas or mineral rights, Clay district, $200,000.

* Christina Hall to Eric A. Chichester, lot 92, Parkersburg Industrial Co., Fairplains addition No. 1, City of Parkersburg, $8,000.

* Sharon M. Hart to Lorenzo Alvarez Dominquez, tract, 3.55 acres, Kites Run Road, Clay district, $3,000.

* Donald E. Ross to Timothy L. Payton, tract, 4 1/2 acres and right of way, Little Kanawha River tract, 3.2 acres, Clay district, exempt.

* Joshua R. Snyder to Eben M. Haught, lot 12 and 13, Lynnden Road addition, City of Vienna, $124,000.

* Jeri Whiteleather to David M. Kastroll, part of lots 196 and 197, North Hills Estates, Town of North Hills, $175,000.

* Marcy J. Howell to Jesse L. Higgins, tract, .413 acre, Kittle Street and Easement, Union district, $137,500.

* Ronald Mark Samples to Paul S. Lyster, lots 3, 4, 7, 8 and 11, Larchmont addition, City of Parkersburg, $165,000.

* J and W Homes LLC to Marion Tannant, lot 10, Rearrangement James Mehls subdivision, Lot 11, James Mehl redivision lot 11, James Mehl redivision, Albright’s addition, City of Parkersburg, $240,000.

* Gayla J. Lamm, executrix, to Bennett L. Butcher, part of lot 26, Lubeck Heights addition, Lubeck district with plat, $12,000.

* Richard W. Heiden to Alonza Franklin Dornon, tract, Elm Stret, Clay district, $42,000.

* Edsil W. Burkhamer to George R. Schultz, lot 85, Lynnden Road, addition, City of Vienna, $59,500.

* Gregory R. Dearth to Trenda J. Overbay, tract, 1.847 acres, Lubeck district, $79,000.

* Ormal Jean Taylor to Joel A. Swisher, lot 3 redivision of Eastlawn addition, City of Parkersburg, $72,000.

* Laurie McIntire to Brandon C. McIntire, tract, 9.611 acres, Winding Road, less exception, Clay district; part of lot 19, Norwood addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.


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