Washington County real estate transfers

MARIETTA — The following real estate transfers were recently recorded at the Washington County Courthouse:

Aurelius Township

* Louisa F. Howard, trustee, to Norman Jeffrey Howard et al, 7360 McGlade School Road, Dresden, 45.276 acres, exempt quit claim.

* Twilla D. Hetrick and Larry Keefer to Larry Keefer Estate, 606 N. 17th St. Haskell, Texas, 7.632 acres, exempt affidavit.

Barlow Township

* Sally J. Stutzman to Jerry A. and Teresa Turner, 9513 State Route 339, Vincent, .602 acres, $90,000, warranty deed.

Belpre Township

* Jo Ann Frame to John A. and Sharon E. Coffman, 707 Donna Drive, Belpre, .009 acres, exempt quit claim.

* Ronald D. Frame et al to Jeremy Haynes, 3681 Petiole Way, Columbus, .98 acres, $12,000, warranty deed.

Decatur Township

* Marcia J. Haley, trustee, to Alexander L. and Autumn Faye Winters, 4755 Two Mile Run Road, Cutler, 46.5975 acres, $55,800, fiduciary.

* Marcia J. Haley, trustee, to Marcia J. Haley, trustee, 5780 Running Brook Road, Westerville, 46.5975 acres, oil and gas rights.

Fairfield Township

* Karl Ohly to Aaron N. and Susanna Miller, 707 McDonald St., Waterford, 6.0685 acres, $240,000, warranty deed.

Lawrence Township

* James C. Adams to Joan Adams, 7746 State Route 26, Marietta, 6.964 acres, exempt certificate of transfer.

Liberty Township

* Albert I. and Anna-May J. Prince et al to Anna-May J. and Frederick C. Prince, 4920 Matthew Court, Ypsilanti, Mich., 84.8 acres, exempt affidavit.

Newport Township

* Patsy J. Goddard and Gerald E. Williamson to Patsy J. Goddard, 360 Gale Ave., Newport, exempt warranty deed.

Palmer Township

* Timothy A. White Sr. and C. Astride to Richard A. and Valorie A. Adams, ,2634 Oak Hill Road, Cutler, 24.7168 acres, $120,000, warranty deed.

Salem Township

* Adam C. Ruble to Howard T. Simmons Jr. et al, 424 Simmons Lane, Lowell, 100 acres, exempt warranty deed.

Warren Township

* Leonard T. Bova to Dinah Voss, 278 Radabaugh Road, Marietta, 31.703 acres, $100,000, warranty deed.

* Stephanie Dennis to Taylor M. Dennis and Randolph J. Whittekind, 1089 Silver Globe Road, Marietta, 1.808 acres, exempt warranty deed.

* Jenna Long to Lee E. and Megan R. Teubert, 650 Lang Farm Road, Marietta, .96 acres, $150,000, survivorship.

Wesley Township

* Cynthia A. Conger to Robinson Mowing Service LLC, 1823 State Route 550, Bartlett, warranty deed.

* Dustin Trent Roberts to Federal National Mortgage Association, 3900 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, Washington, D.C., exempt deed.

* Clarence A. And Charlotte A. Cottrille to Devin M. Allen, 3570 Oak Hill Road, Stockport, 15.084 acres, $40,000, warranty deed.

* Christian R. And Gregory N. Harper to Gregory N. Harper, 250 Rowland Lane, Cutler, 35.6378 acres, exempt quit claim.

Belpre Corporation

* Jennifer D. Duty to Mary L. Brown, trustee, 702 Oak Tree Lane, Belpre, 0.194 acre, $165,000 warranty deed.

Marietta Corporation

* Robert M. Coil et al to Richard R. Ambrose, 1014 Smithfield Road, Parkersburg, $62,500 deed, $62,500, warranty deed.

* Cheryl R. Faigley to Brian J. and Laura J. Isner, 125 Hillcrest Road, Marietta, $166,000, deed.

* Patricia Ann Duffey to Patricia Ann Duffey Life Estate et al, 313 Kenwood Ave., Marietta, exempt warranty deed.

* Norman R. Arnold to Nancy J. Lang, 301 Margaret St., Marietta, $34,760, warranty deed.

* Janet E. And Harold A. Cranston, trustees, to Janet E. Cranston, trustee, 627 Sixth St., Marietta, exempt fiduciary deeds.

* Richard P. and Helen M. McKenna to Northwest Settlement Land Co. LLC, 319 Archer Road, Lowell, $16,000 warranty deed.

* Nehemiah W. and Melissa G. Moore to Jon J. and Katherine E. Grimm, 511 Front St., Marietta, $206,000, warranty deed.


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