Wood County Real Estate Transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following real estate transfers for Dec. 12-16 were recorded at the Wood County Clerk:

* Andrew C. Woofter III PLLC, substitute trustee, to Oakhurst Properties LLC, lot 6, A.C. Stephenson’s Addition, City of Parkersburg, $68,500.

* Roger W. Brown to Ryan M. Roberts, lot 29, Parkerstowne subdivision phase I, Union district, $95,000.

* David Henry Brooks, indirect, to Michael C. Durkin, lots 73 and 74, North Hills Estates, Williams district, $207,500.

* Brenda J. Long to Melissa Sovil, lot 70, Brierwood subdivision, Williams district, $63,000.

* Pill and Pill, PLLC, substitute trustee v. T-Buck LLC, part of lots 17, 18 8 and 119, revised plat, Holmes Park Addition No. 1, City of Parkersburg, $61,060.

* Jean D’Aquila to Lindsay J. Foutty, lot 77, H.C. Hopkins Addition, City of Parkersburg, $106,000.

* Jill E. Grandick to Mitchell P. Wallace, tract, 0.398 acre, Morgan Henry Lane, Williams district, $35,000.

* Rodney J. Gibson to Rodney J. Gibson, tract, 0.5009 acre, Westwood Drive with plat, Lubeck district, exempt.

* James P. Beck to Kassandra R. Pritchett, lot 16, section I, Glenbrook II subdivision, City of Vienna, $260,000.

* Anthony J. Graziani to Robert E. Life, lots 66 and 69, L.G. Matheny Addition No. 1, Lubeck district, $142,500.

* Walter D. Minney Jr. to William W. Green, lot 4, Realty Investment Syndicates subdivision, Parkersburg Industrial Co. Fairplain Addition no. 2, City of Parkersburg, $56,500.

* Darrell W. Swiger to Christopher E. Morehead, lot 47, Oakbrook Addition, section B, Slate district, $183,000.

* Judith Somervill to Cleo Levi Fleming, tract, Locust Street, Tygart district, $25,000.

* Craig D. Delaney to Daniel K. Carper, tract, 0.77 acre, secondary 9/7, Lubeck district, $300,050.

* Pat Tanzey to Melvin L. Romeo, tract, .2952 acres, Bull Creek Road, $13,000.

* Pat Tanzey to Melvin L. Romeo, lots 7 and 8, Virginia Wright Addition, City of Parkersburg, $9,000.

* Robert Armstrong to James N, Brand, tract, 0.46 acre, Lubeck district,$50,000.

* Pat Tanzey to Melvin L. Romeo, tract, 150 by 35 by150, Latrobe Street and strip less strip, City of Parkersburg, $23,000.

* Joyce E. Beckner, to Dayton Gaston, part f lot 31, 32 and 33, C.C. Lymans Addition, City of Parkersburg, $120,000.

* Jeffrey A. Parsons to Valley Estates LLC, part of lots 9 and 10, Oak Park Addition, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Anthony P Mott to Gilbert Atkinson, lot 10, White Acres Addition and all interest in right of way, Lubeck district,$28,000.

* Richard M, West to Matthew R. Estep, tract, 2.879 acres less right of way and right of way, if any, Williams district, $40,000.

* Richard C. Cramlet to Michael L. Cramlet, all interest, tract, 56 acres and tract, 27.100 County Road, Union district, $87,500.

* Lawrence David Sweeney II and executor to Grico Properties LLC, part of lot 5, redivision Ohio Valley College Addition, section A with plat, City of Vienna, $65,000.

* Michael D. Williamson to Danielle Lavoie Bryant, lot 362, Community Acres, fourth addition, Clay district, $38,900.

* Kyle R. Criss to Raphael Vargas, all interest, lot 78, Mountain View Park Addition and right of way if any, Tygart district, $5,000.

* Arnold A. Huyghebaert to Frank A. Thomas, lot 8, Dudley and Sons Addition, City of Vienna, $91,000.

* Nelson B. Douglas to Nelson B. Douglas, trustee, tract, Rosemar Road, City of Parkersburg; lot 137, Panorama Addition, and part of alley for Plum Street, less easement, exempt

* Pill and Pill, PLLC, substitute trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association, tract, 31-acres, Lubeck district, exempt.

* Jeffrie D’Costa to John D. Beane, tract, 2.6 acres, Brentwood Drive, City of North Hills and tract, 40 by 150 feet, City of Parkersburg, $440,000.

* Richard P. Shaffer to Kathy S. Lucky, lot 13, Mineral Wells Acres sub division, less right of way, Slate district, exempt.

* Pill and Pill, PLLC, substitute trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association, part of lot A-9, Green Acres subdivision, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Gregory Hicks Enterprises Inc, to West Virginia Department of Transportation, tract, 14,770 square feet, West Virginia 14, City of Williamstown, non-controlled access right of way, exempt.

* Coopers Ridge Land Co. LLC to Eighth and Cherry Homes LLC, lot 7, Coopers Ridge sub division, City of Williamstown, exempt.

* Brian Paul Persinger to Melvin L. Romeo, lot A, street, 29 by 78.97 feet, $500.

* Coopers Ridge Land Co. LLC to Eighth and Cherry Homes LLC, lot 5, Coopers Ridge sub division, City of Williamstown, exempt.

* Dallas D. Donaldson to Dallas D. Donaldson, trustee, lot 28, section B, Pahlhurst Plaza Addition, Lubeck district, exempt.

* Paula J. Strawder to Donald N. Watters II, lot 65 and Lot A, A.C. Stephenson’s Addition, City of Parkersburg, $60,000.

* Jack L. Cummings to Anthony M. Venarchick, part of lots 64 and 65, Gordon and Ebart’s Addition, City of Parkersburg, $3,000.

* Muriel F. Newbanks to Ohio Valley Water Resources LLC, tract, 1.001 acres, Butcher’s Bend Road, Slate district, $125,000.

* Dynasty Development LLC to Richard Legg, tract, 40,170 square feet, West Virginia 14 and right of way, Williams district, $195,000.

* Pamela Starcher to Nancy Hoffman, tract, .41 acres, Alpine Street and right of way, $140,000.

* Charles D. West to Candice M. Decker, tract, 0.688 acre, West Virginia 2, $60,80.

* John D. Isner to Matthew Fought, tract, 5.233 acres, Champion School Road, Harris district , $229,900.

* Bart R. Beckley to Franklin D. Bailey, tract, 3.266 acres, Spider Ridge Road, Clay district, $129,000.

* Billy Ball to Gilbert Atkinson, tract, 3.595 acres, Clay district, $22,000.

* Beth Ann Parsons to John B. Lough, tract, .364 acres, Nash Street, Tygart district, $55,000.

* Cristen C. Baca to Craig D. Delaney, tract, 1.202 acres and right of way, City of Parkersburg, $400,000.

* John Bosley Enterprises Inc. to Old Dominion Freight Line Inc., tract, 8.549 acres, Walton Road and right of ways, Tygart district, $470,250.

* Carol D. Pitkin to Denise Runyon, lot 4, Bever Addition, two lots, Edgelawn Avenue, City of Williamstown, $190,000.

* CD DG Williamstown LLC to Maic Secor Property LLC, tract, 1.424 acre, West Virginia 14, City of Williamstown, $1,607,000.

* U.S. Bank Trust N.A, indirect trustee, to Randall G. Blevins, all interest, lot 39, Avalon Addition, City of Vienna, $43,500.

* Russell L. Perry to Alan Thompson, lot C, C.W. Pennybacker’s redivision of S.S. Stones subdivision No. 1, City of Vienna, $134,000.

* MHR LLC to Rick Shawn Willis, all interest in tract, 6.52 acres, Old U.S. 50 and right of way, Union district, $14,900.


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