Washington Sheriff

MARIETTA — The Washington County Sheriff’s Office released the following reports July 23:

* On July 15, a deputy responded to the Dollar General Store, 336 Orchard Drive, Little Hocking, in reference to the store manager reporting a theft. Camera footage was reviewed and a male and female were observed. The female was observed placing items into a purse and exiting the store with a bulky purse and coming back in with a slim purse. The female was again observed placing items into this purse before buying other items. Through an investigation, the deputy was able to identify the female as Ruby E. Osborne. The cost of the items, with tax, totaled $7.90. A summons is being requested for Ruby E. Osborne, 71, of 66361 State Route 124, Reedsville, for theft.

* A deputy began an investigation on July 15 into damage done to a vehicle while parked at a business on State Route 7. This case remains under investigation.

* A sergeant met with Mary Francis of Marietta, on July 16. She reported a generator stolen from a camp site off Caywood Road, Marietta. This case remains under investigation.

* On July 16, Chris Camino of Ohio 7, Marietta, reported damage to a window in his home. This case remains under investigation.

* William Cool of Dexter City, reported on July 17 a vehicle stolen from a business lot on Ohio 821, Macksburg. This case remains under investigation.

* On July 17, a deputy met with Warren Township Trustees in reference to road signs being stolen. This case remains under investigation.

* A deputy was dispatched on July 17 to 20475 State Route 60, Beverly, to a report of an unresponsive male at the address. Deputies met with Thomas Davis, and located an unresponsive male. The male was administered numerous doses of Narcan while being transported to the hospital.

Davis advised that the only individual left in the home was his brother, Richard Davis. David entered the residence with the deputy and Richard Davis was ordered out of the home. Deputies secured the residence until a search warrant could be obtained. Thomas Ogle Davis, 39, was transported to Noble County on an outstanding warrant. A search of the residence was granted and three individuals were located hiding within the residence.

* Douglas Brion Sullivan, 57, of 5852 Johnson Ridge Road, Waterford, was found in a locked bedroom with another individual. A bag with suspected methamphetamine was located next to Sullivan, who advised that the drugs and paraphernalia were his. Sullivan was taken into custody and charged with possession of drugs. Deputies also encountered Gregory Alan Haas, 58, of 37817 Delancey School House Road, Dexter, City, attempting to run out the basement of the home into the wooded area. Haas was placed under arrest and charged with obstructing official business. Haas and Sullivan were transported to the Washington County Jail for processing. A warrant is being requested for Thomas Davis on a charge of obstruction of official business.

* On Saturday, a deputy began an investigation in reference to a financial scam. This case remains under investigation.

* Deputies were dispatched on Sunday to 817 Grandview Ave., New Matamoras, to a report of yelling and screaming coming from the residence. Deputies encountered a female resident who directed deputies to the upstairs of the residence. Deputies identified Michael Slonaker and Justine Macintyre. Macintyre had the appearance of being under the influence of drugs, constantly moving and twitching. Slonaker advised he had a seizure and Macintyre was yelling at him during the seizure. The two were questioned about the use of drugs and Macintyre admitted to methamphetamine use, and Slonaker admitted to prior use. Both subjects stated they did not live there, only stayed there the previous night. A consent to search was obtained from the owner, and the once-locked bedroom door was opened, finding multiple syringes and other paraphernalia. Also recovered was 14.34 grams of methamphetamine. Deputies were advised that a male subject had come to the residence and went upstairs to where Slonaker and Macintyre were and left a few minutes later. Michael D. Slonaker, 36, and Justine Macintyre, 24, were transported to the Washington County Jail charged with trafficking in drugs and possession of drugs.

* On Sunday, a deputy observed a silver Mazda vehicle bearing Ohio registration traveling on Ohio 7, traveling 52-mph in a 45-mph posted zone. A traffic stop was conducted on the vehicle, driven by Jordan Walker. Walker stated he knew why he was being stopped and a check through dispatch revealed that Walker was driving on a suspended license. The deputy observed one hypodermic syringe, which Walker stated he used the syringe the previous day to administer heroin. Jordan Levi Walker, 29, of 1350 Mt. Tom Road, Marietta, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of drug abuse instruments and driving under a license suspension.

* A deputy was dispatched on Sunday to 17651 County Road 9 to a report of an individual that would not leave. The deputy attempted to speak with individuals, to include Karen Brunoni. Brunoni refused to speak to the deputy regarding a possible assault/domestic incident at that location. Brunoni also stood in front of a deputy and instructed an individual to “run” in which he did so into the woods behind the residence. Karen Sue Brunoni, 62, was transported to the Washington County Jail and charged with resisting arrest and obstructing justice.

* On Sunday, a sergeant was dispatched to 3655 State Route 676, Stockport, to a woman reporting she was threatened by Dalton Pickering. Prior to the sergeant arriving, Pickering, who is sentenced to house arrest, had cut his ankle monitor and fled the scene. She explained she had returned home to find Pickering intoxicated. Pickering threatened to strike her and threw a beer bottle at her, striking her in the head. Pickering then threatened to kill her, cut the ankle monitor and fled in her vehicle. Attempts to locate Pickering met with negative results. A warrant has been requested for the arrest of Dalton Tyler Pickering, 26, on a charge of domestic violence.

* A sergeant responded on Monday to a disturbance at 300 Starlite Drive, Marietta. Contact was made with a female victim who stated she was in an argument with her boyfriend, Christopher S. Stoops. She advised a deputy that the argument escalated to Stoops grabbing both of her arms, shaking her and spitting in her face. Stoops denied any physical altercation, stating she was lying. Injuries were observed on her, consistent with her recollection of the incident. Christopher Shawn Stoops, 49, was arrested for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail.

* On Monday, a deputy responded to 125 County Rd 9, Marietta, to Gates Green Apartments where it was reported that Joseph McKitrick was at apartment C3 and had been served papers banning him from the property. McKitrick’s family lives at the apartment and a letter had been served stating McKitrick was not allowed on the property. After attempting contact several times at the apartment, the family member opened the door and came out quickly stating she needed to get out of there. She noted that McKitrick was inside, and was not coming out. After announcing law enforcement presence, McKitrick exited a bedroom. McKitrick denied knowing about the paperwork, but later did acknowledge he knew about the notice. McKitrick became very irate and belligerent as deputies were discussing options with him and made a statement that he hoped his mom would just die. Deputies, doing a post arrest pat down, located a grey camera film container, which McKitrick admitted had methamphetamine wrapped up inside. Joseph Adam McKitrick, 40, 550 Ewing Road, Reno, was arrested for criminal trespass and possession of methamphetamine.

* A deputy responded on Monday to 629 Briggs Hill Road, Belpre, in reference to a domestic dispute complaint. A female victim reported she was physically assaulted by her boyfriend, David Flesher. She reported Flesher threatened to burn her clothes outside in the fire pit, and she confronted him about this. She reported they argued and Flesher became irate and took hold of her pinning her to the floor. Flesher put his hands around her neck and squeezed. She stated she was gasping for air. Injuries to her neck were consistent with her account of the incident. Flesher initially denied knowing why the deputy was there and stated that nothing happened. When asked if something physical occurred he replied that he didn’t remember and he didn’t think so. David Ray Flesher, 43, was arrested and charged with domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail.

* On Tuesday, a deputy responded to Par Mar, 2796 State Route 60, Marietta, to investigate a vandalism at that location. This case remains under investigation.

* A Heeler mixed breed dog belonging to Trisha Dawn Stille, 116 Cedar Ridge Road, Lowell, ran loose from her property on Tuesday. Stille’s dog bit a cyclist that was traveling along the roadway, causing deep lacerations. Stille’s dog was designated dangerous as a result of this incident. Stille was provided all necessary paperwork by the dog warden for this designation. The dog is four years of age and Stille has not registered it since 2015. A summons is being requested for Stille, 39, on a charge of failure to restrain her dog and failure to register the dog.

* A sergeant was dispatched on Tuesday to 2889 State Route 821, Marietta, to a report made by a female victim, reporting her boyfriend, D Von McKinley Saunders, had assaulted her while traveling from Akron. She advised they stopped at the business and she locked herself in the bathroom to get away from Saunders. The sergeant met with the male in the parking lot. The male subject was unsteady on his feet with slurred speech and glassy eyes. When asked his name the male advised the sergeant to take him back to Akron. The male finally advised the sergeant of his social security number and he was identified. The woman advised they left Akron at approximately 6:30 p.m. and at about 7:30 p.m., the suspect began threatening to kill her, threw beer on the interior of her vehicle, urinated in a cup and then disposed of it out the passenger side window. She advised for approximately 45 minutes prior to her stopping at the gas station she began to speed in excess of 100 mph in an attempt to get pulled over as she was in fear for her safety. She stated approximately five minutes before she called 911, and while traveling south bound on Interstate 77, Saunders again threatened to kill her. He refused to answer questions about the incident. D Von McKinley Saunders, 44, 1128 Winton Ave., Akron, was placed under arrest for menacing.


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