Washington County real estate transfers

MARIETTA — The following property transfers were recently recorded at the Washington County Courthouse:

Aurelius Township

* Stephen Staley to Matthew W. Clark and Kelsey A. O’Brien, 300 Broad St., Macksburg, lot and buildings, $45,000, warranty deed.

Barlow Township

* Steve Dolak to William A. Ours and Angela J. Connelly, 834 Crofton Road, Vincent, 1.88 acres and buildings, $25,000, warranty deed.

* Daniel A. Fouss, trustee, to Charles Shane Stack, 385 Stack Road, Fleming, 38.307 acres , land and buildings, exempt quit claim.

* Nathan G. and Jennifer C. Ireland to Jennifer C. Radabaugh, 6580 State Route 339, Vincent, 6.05 acres, land and buildings, exempt quit claim.

* Anderson Land Corp. LLC to Anderson Land Corp. LLC, P.O. Box 327, Vincent, 7.652 acres and buildings, exempt quit claim.

* Robert A. and Rebecca Jessee to Jerry and Josette Palmer, 545 Byron St., Plymouth, Mich., 4.497 acres, $67,000, warranty deed.

Belpre Township

* Phyllis A. Myers to Mark A. Myers, 1005 State Route 339, Belpre, 9.177 acres and buildings, exempt quit claim.

* Deborah Ingram to John F., Sr., and Donna J. Williams, 120 Carson Lane, Little Hocking, .781 acres and buildings, $79,000, warranty deed.

Decatur Township

* Marietta Land Ventures LP to Teresa L. Welch et al, 760 Timberline Road, Vincent, 239.481 acres and mineral rights, $240,481.

Dunham Township

* Elaine R. Diddle to Justin Green, 104 Cornerstone Road, Marietta, 1.007 acres and buildings, $190,000, sheriff’s deed.

Fairfield Township

* Lisa Boord-Klingner et al, trustee, to Dalbo LLC et al, 10622 Goodwood Blvd., Baton Rouge, La., and to Dalbo LLC, transferred, 10.789 acres, fiduciary deed and exempt quit claim.

Fearing Township

* Devon M. Polk to Kayla Markley, 107 Main St., Williamstown, W.Va., 1.11 acres, $12,500, quit claim.

Grandview Township

* Robert W. and Barbara L. Lynch to Barbara L. Lynch, 2501 Fairview Ridge Road, New Matamoras, 23.755 acres, exempt certificate of transfer.

Independence Township

* Richard A. and Nancy S. Markwarch to Richard A. Bowman, Jr., 222 Moreland Drive, Canfield, 18.49 acres, $35,000, warranty deed.

Liberty Township

* Travis Brian and Stephanie Wells to Travis Brian Wells, 8188 Stanleyville Road, Whipple, 6.001 acres, exempt quit claim.

Marietta Township

* Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Ohio Valley to Beverly Elaine Britton, 101 Woodcrest Lane, Marietta, land and buildings, $79,000 warranty deed.

Newport Township

* Sharon L. Berecz trustee et al to Sharon L. Berecz, 4490 County Road 9, Reno, 17.567 acres, property and mineral rights, exempt fiduciary and exempt quit claim.

* Sharon L. Berecz to Roger L. And Vicki L. Seevers, 2910 Bells Run Road, Newport, 17.567 acres, exempt quit claim.

Palmer Township

* Kerry Lee Hickman Life Estate et al to Scott A. Hickman, trustee, 2655 Hickman Road, Waterford, land and buildings, exempt quit claim.

* Bruce A. and Patricia A. Wittekind to Timothy A. Wittekind, 1095 Hickman Road, Waterford, 27.314 acres, exempt quit claim.

Salem Township

* Delores Ruth Griffin to Delores Ruth Griffin, trustee, 1040 Paw Paw Creek Road, Lower Salem, 165.76 acres and buildings, exempt quit claims.

Waterford Township

* Damina L. Lang, trustee, to John A. and Cierra N. Lang, 12890 Waterford Road, Waterford, 9.04 acres and buildings, $175,000, fiduciary.

* John L. and Allison L. Eddleblute to Jeremy D. Barton, 165 Coal Run Road, Lowell, .504 acres and buildings, $6,000, warranty deed.

* David R. and Barbara E. Bidwell to Darlene E. and Gary Harvey, 448 Echo Valley Road, Waterford, .49 acres and buildings, exempt quit claim.

Belpre Corporation

* Franklyn J. and Linda L. Greenwood to Linda L. Greenwood, 737 Campbell Drive, Belpre, land and buildings, exempt affidavit.

* Honradez Investment Group LLC to Dennis and Connie Grim and Jennifer Whitlatch, 753 Sycamore St., Belpre, .33 acres and buildings, $25,000, exempt quit claim.

* Raymie Eugene Roberts to Michael C. and Jessica A. Shutts, 2110 McTaggart St., Belpre, land and buildings, $135,000, survivorship.

* Sheila J. Dotson to Curtis J. and Katie L. Morris, 812 Ashberry Drive, Belpre, land buildings, $261,500, warranty deed.

* Kelley Cremeans et al to Kelley Cremeans, 809 Ashberry Drive, Belpre, land and buildings, $7,000, quit claim.


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