Marriage Licenses

MARIETTA — The following people recently picked up marriage licenses at the Washington County Courthouse:

∫ Daniel Paul Metz, 22, of Reno, and Rachel Elizabeth Rummer, 21, of Waterford.

∫Benjamin Scott Brown, 27, of Fleming, and Amy Elizabeth Martin, 25, of Fleming.

∫ James Lee Wray, 45, of Waterford and Lynn Marie Kaiser, 49, of Waterford.

∫ Joseph Paul Albright III, 29, of Parkersburg and Cassidy Marie Cottrill, 26, of Parkersburg.

∫ Christopher Ryan King, 40, of Belpre and Ashley Nicole Evans, 26, of Belpre.

∫ Malkom Lane Kidd, 28, of Marietta, and Kristin Nicole Holland, 24, of Marietta.

∫ William David Grizer, 29, of Whipple, and Rebecca Nicole Batey, 26, of Whipple.

∫ Daniel Limia Aspas, 22, of Barcelona, Spain, and Kaylie Brianne Sweeting, 19, of Williamstown.

∫ Lawrence Robert Danley, 70, of Lowell, and Melissa Ann Levelle, 59, of Lowell.


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