Camden Clark Medical Center Births

Dec. 11

Brent Sanchez and Clarissa Hymes, West Union, W.Va., baby boy

Dec. 13

Evan McNally and Krysta Haverty, Little Hocking, baby boy

Stacey Flowers and Shawn Fields, Ripley, baby girl

Michael and Carlee Squires, Mineral Wells, baby boy

Dec. 14

Derrick and Tamra Milhoan, Ravenswood, baby boy

Garth Campbell and Syndney Tingler, Harrisville, baby girl

Hannah Hescht, Waverly, baby girl

Robert and Erin Moore, Sistersville, baby girl

Dec. 15

Scot and Kendra Wamer, Ravenswood, baby boy

Dec. 16

Douglas and Casey Monn, Cairo, baby boy

Katy Paul, Parkersburg, baby girl

Amber Ball, Harrisville, baby girl

Dec. 17

Jonathan and Sasha MacIver, Williamstown, baby girl

Dec. 18

Robie and Jessica Abbott, Ripley, baby girl

Dec. 19

Robert Hayes and Kelsi Munday, Parkersburg, baby girl

Dec. 20

Ian Harris and Claudia Barnhart, Marietta, baby boy

Richard and Melinda Ferrell, Grantsville, baby girl

Shannon Campbell and Ashley Walton, Parkersburg, baby boy

Taylor Cronin, St. Marys, baby girl