CCMC Births

hn Bosley III and Ashley Young, Washington, baby girl

Aug. 5

  • Adam and Heather Carter, Millstone, W.Va., baby boy
  • Aaron and Angela Michel, Little Hocking, baby girl
  • Marko Rustia and Amanda Brinker, Parkersburg, baby girl

Aug. 6

  • Brent Miller and Briana Grabans, Parkersburg, baby boy

Aug. 7

  • Cole Meadows and Shiloh Thomas, Marietta, baby girl
  • Joseph and Sena McDonald, Spencer, baby girl

Aug. 8

  • Tyler Mossor and Makayla Walton, Cairo, baby boy
  • Ralph and Amanda Washington, Belleville, baby boy
  • Roger Jones II and Hope Bibbie, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Malakai Anderson and Kourtney Carroll, New Martinsville, baby boy

Aug. 9

  • Christopher Carter and Jaclyn Grayson, Ravenswood, baby girl
  • Robert Pennell III and Jessica Taylor, Vienna, baby girl
  • Joseph Elliott and Monica Brundage, Pullman, W.Va., baby girl
  • Adam and Jennifer Cooper, Rockport, baby boy

Aug. 10

  • Hunter and Juanitia Smith, Parkersburg, baby boy

Aug. 11

  • Michael McCumbers and Natasha Fletcher, Spencer, W.Va., baby boy
  • Scott and Kaitlin Hollister, Marietta, baby boy
  • Andrew and Amanda Collins, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Sheridan Douglas III and Alexis Batten, Parkersburg, baby boy

Aug. 12

  • Heath Hefner and Havenn Burton, Parkersburg, twin girls
  • Pete and Kathryn Shamblin, Ravenswood, baby boy
  • Doug and Janelle Rollins, Cairo, baby girl

Aug. 15

  • Joseph and Jessica Justice, Big Springs, W.Va., baby boy
  • Zach and Ashley Moore, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Bryan Riffle and Britney Bishop, Ravenswood, baby girl

Aug. 16

  • Tyler McMahan and Riannon Croston, Belpre, baby girl
  • Jeremy and Patricia Fletcher, Middlebourne, W.Va., baby boy
  • Nate Collins and Shaileigh Plummer, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Gary and Mercedes Harbison, Parkersburg, baby girl

CCMC Births

Camden Clark Medical Center

July 13

Logan Coon and Janna Hudkins, Elizabeth, baby boy

July 19

Jordan and Mariah Knotts, Parkersburg, baby boy

Savannah Ferrebee, Sandyville, baby girl

Amber Arnott, Parkersburg, baby girl

July 20

Austin Phillips and Amber Lockhart, Washington, baby boy

July 21

Zack Burdette and Shaelyn Moss, Washington, baby girl

Brian and Alice Bonnell, Davisville, baby girl

Tommy and Leona Riggs, Pennsboro, baby boy

July 22

Monty and Rebecca Thompson, Davisville, baby boy

Scott Wheeler and Tasha Mitchell, Little Hocking, baby boy

July 23

Stoney and Storm Bennett, Mineral Wells, baby girl

July 24

Hung Hoang and Phuong Nguyen, Harrisville, baby girl

July 25

Aaron Nations and Emily Keffer, Ravenswood, baby boy

Destry and Shelby Todd, Vincent, baby boy

William Bennett and Anna Burdette, Vienna, baby boy


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