CCMC Births

July 6

Brian and Stephanie Shaffer, Parkersburg, baby boy

Brent and Shawni Hill, Palestine, baby girl

Calvin and Kristy McCune, Paden City, baby girl

Cody Boggs and Tyanna McClain, Spencer, baby girl

Joel Hammer and Heather Lowther, Smithville, baby girl

Caleb Deem and Emily Proscia, Parkersburg, baby boy

Wylie Childers and Michelle Huff, St. Marys, baby boy

Tyler and Samantha Turner, Elizabeth, baby boy

July 7

Matt and Lindsey Poulton, Waverly, baby boy

July 11

Steven and Jennifer Thomas, West Union, baby boy

William Mitchell and Cheyenna Ohse, Parkersburg, baby girl

Jason Hammer and Jennifer Pfalzgraf, Parkersburg, baby boy

Shawn Miller and clarissa Helimann, Ripley, baby girl

Bradley Anderson and Samantha Gaston, Parkersburg, baby boy

July 12

Marcus Turify and Kayla Shaffer, Parkersburg, baby girl

John Lawrentz and Crystal Umensetter, Parkersburg, baby boy

Cody and Ashley Steele, Williamstown, baby girl

Paul and Ashleigh McAllister, Davisville, baby girl

Justin and Bridgett Matheny, Ripley, baby boy

CCMC Births


June 27

Jesse and Kirsten Starcher, Spencer, baby girl

June 28

Jeff Elder and Lindsay Church, Parkersburg, baby boy

June 29

Andrew Moore and Samantha Byers, Vienna, baby girl

Patrick and Sara Klesel, Vienna, baby boy

June 30

Thomas and Brandi Reed, Little Hocking, baby boy

July 2

Ryan Devore and Danielle Hendershot, Parkersburg, baby boy

July 3

Benny Miller and Kayla Wolford, Parkersburg, baby girl

July 4

Comron Rice and Melisa Buhles, Sistersville, baby boy

July 5

Franklin Laird and Justine MacIntyre, Weston, baby boy

Joshua Bee and Jakeysha Burrows, Parkersburg, baby boy

Coty and Letha Eddy, Parkersburg, baby girl

Doug Tackett and Jodi Flowers, Ravenswood, baby boy

Evan Snodgrass and Carrie Dobbins, Parkersburg, baby girl

CCMC Births

June 14

Brandon Blouin and Sara Nichols, Belpre, baby girl

June 15

Mark Brown and Krystal Cook, Parkersburg, baby boy

Nathan and Kayla Leasure, Mineral Wells, baby boy

June 16

Corey Robinson and Sheri Bond, Mineral Wells, baby boy

June 18

Brandon and Rebecca Semones, Parkersburg, baby girl

TJ and Crishion Bunner, Elizabeth, baby boy

June 20

Erin Stevens Jr. and Sarah Bell, Big Bend, W.Va., baby boy

June 21

Gaines and Carrie Monk, Davisville, baby girl

Jesse and Karla Jadwin, Lowell, baby boy

Jon and Brandi Hescht, Parkersburg, baby girl

Nicolas and Brittney Friend, Parkersburg, baby boy

Tiara DeLancey, Parkersburg, baby boy

June 22

Clarence and Jamie White, Vienna, baby girl

Adam and Hunter Smith, Davisville, baby girl

June 23

Jonathan Keife and Cara Jae, Williamstown, baby girl

June 24

Bryan and Stevie Lynn Cavender, Williamstown, baby girl

June 25

Lisa Hupp, Parkersburg, baby boy

Justin and Lacey Huber, Washington, baby girl

June 27

Anthony Campbell and Christina Somerville, Parkersburg, baby boy

Tyson Glover and Amber McCartney, Parkersburg, baby boy

Shawn Nicholas and Brandy Stump, Parkersburg, baby girl

June 28

Derek and Lindsey Cross, Parkersburg, baby girl

Adam and Renee Kerns, Vienna, baby girl

TJ Berry and Aimee Creech, Vienna, baby boy

Mark Taylor and Brittany Haddox, Parkersburg, baby boy

Selena Vanhoose, Parkersburg, baby girl

Tiffany Williams, Parkersburg, baby girl

CCMC Births

June 5

Christopher and Leslie Courture, Parkersburg, baby boy

June 7

Jeremy and Stacey Starkey, Mineral Wells, baby boy

Lyjle and Katrina Strohl, New Martinsville, baby boy

June 8

Brandon Sampson and Jessica Ogena, Vienna, baby girl

Scott and Tiffany Wolfe, Harrisville, baby girl

Danny and Amy Rutherford, Parkersburg, baby boy

June 9

Paul and Stormy Cavender, Kenna, W.Va., baby boy

Chris Lemley and Savanna Grant, Mineral Wells, baby girl

Jeremy Freeman and Brooke Kinnaird, Vienna, baby boy

Nathan Goodnight and Larra Johnson, Parkersburg, baby girl

June 10

Daniel and Lindsay Hart, Belpre, baby girl

Tim Hawk and Rachel Michels, Pennsboro, baby boy

JT and Cassie Nesselroad, Washington, baby boy

June 11

Johnny and Angelica Minor, Parkersburg, baby boy

June 13

Charles and Bethany George, Elizabeth, baby girl

Sam McFee and Amy Gore, Elizabeth, baby boy

Tyler Yocum and Koda Cox, Vienna, baby girl

June 14

Efren and Regina Bahena, Ravenswood, baby girl

Jonathan Nuzum and Natasha Lemley, Parkersburg, baby boy

Jeffrey and Vanessa Garrett, Ravenswood, baby boy

Austin Meredith and Lindsay Jackson, Belpre, baby girl

Randall and Sarah Walker, Parkersburg, baby girl

Mitchel Tabler and Kayla Flowers, Parkersburg, baby girl


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