Camden Clark Births

Sept. 1

  • William and Michele Burdette, Cottageville, W.Va., baby boy
  • Benjamin and Lisa Hopkins, Vincent, baby girl
  • David Carpenter and Michelle Henry, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Christopher and Jessica Farnsworth, Parkersburg

Sept. 2

  • Leroy Loscar and Stephanie Collins, Parkersburg
  • Christopher and Kimberly Hodge, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • William and Melinda Haddox, Mineral Wells, baby girl
  • Kerrie Smith, Spencer, baby boy

Sept. 3

  • Ashley Rose Beck, Harrisville, W.Va., baby girl
  • Christina Kieper, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Brandon and Britta Houston, St. Marys, baby boy
  • Daniel and Melissa Miller, Vienna, baby girl

Sept. 4

  • Kevin and Ashley Glaspell, Gandeeville, W.Va., baby boy
  • Cory Parsons and Allison Lowe, Parkersburg, baby boy

Sept. 5

  • Joshua and Ashley Offenberger, St. Marys, baby boy
  • Daniel and Alexandra Bailey, Pennsboro, baby girl

Sept. 8

  • Samantha Hall, Harrisville, W.Va., baby boy
  • Brandon Tallhammer and Brittany Cunningham, Grantsville, W.Va., baby boy

Sept. 9

  • LaRon and Destiny White, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Clifford and Julia Pettey, Fleming, Ohio, baby boy
  • James Owens and Kathryn Hubley, Washington, W.Va., baby girl
  • George and Lindsay O’Brien, Millwood, W.Va., baby girl

Sept. 10

  • Greg Hart and Nichole Tackett, Ravenswood, baby boy
  • Misty Miller, Rockport, W.Va., baby girl
  • John Kirk and Laura Boothe, Ravenswood, baby boy
  • Keith and Stephanie Kelley, Vienna, baby girl
  • Jessica Howard, Parkersburg, baby girl

Sept. 11

  • Eric Lafferty and Chelsea Smith, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Roy and Jennie Tranter, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Richard Thurmer and Jennifer Bradley, Grantsville, baby boy
  • Joseph Cupp and Candace Claypool, Grafton, W.Va., baby boy

Sept. 12

  • Mario Lawrence and Pamela McClung, Ravenswood, baby boy
  • Zohn Kelly and Sabrina Estep, Vienna, baby girl
  • Ivan Patterson and Jamie Harbin, Vienna, wins, Baby boy and baby girl

Sept. 13

  • Austan Delancey and Emily Baker, St. Marys, baby girl
  • Tanna Thurston, Ravenswood, baby girl

Sept. 14

  • Joseph and Maggie Sams, Smithville, W.V,a. baby boy
  • Landon and Abby Cole, Vincent, baby girl

Sept. 15

  • Hannah Coe, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Timothy Reisinger and Kari Fordyce, Washington, W.Va., baby boy
  • Joseph and Brandi Hall, St. Marys, baby girl
  • Nathaniel Pittman and Samantha Compton, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Brandon Feick and Susan Plauche, Mineral Wells, baby girl

Sept. 16

  • Butch Tanner and Briana Gardner, Ravenswood, baby boy
  • Timothy and Amanda Nolan, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Olivia Deems, Parkersburg, baby girl

Sept. 17

  • Charles Roerdersheimer and Kristina Herdman, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Kenny Westfall and Briana Balch, Athens, baby girl
  • Daniel Kirk and Savannah Spears, Cairo, W.Va., baby boy

Sept. 18

  • Justin and Michele Simmons, Spencer, baby girl

Sept. 21

  • Jacob Jewell and Megan Smith, Mineral Wells, baby boy
  • Shelby Dearth, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Brian and Jessica Hayes, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Jeremy and Bethany Spurrier, Parkersburg, baby girl

Sept. 22

  • Joseph Ellison and Amanda Carpenter, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Jamie Burch and Kaitlin Mefford, Millstone, W.Va., baby girl
  • Charles White and Patricia Ferrebee, Paden City, W.Va., baby boy
  • Jonathan and Jaimee Cunnungham, Parkersburg, baby boy

Sept. 23

  • Kyle McCauley and Haleigh Hurst, Mineral Wells, baby boy

Sept. 24

  • Christopher Lord and Crystal Boggs, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Samantha Miller, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Jeremy and Lori Davis, Pennsboro, baby girl
  • Mark and Rebecca Ramsey, Parkersburg, baby girl

Sept. 25

  • Chris Carter and Rochelle Parker, Elizabeth, baby boy

Sept. 26

  • David and Jessica Kelley, Williamstown, baby girl
  • Justin Miller and Julie Kannady, St. Marys, baby boy

Sept. 29

  • Timorhty and Shelby Yates, Parkersburg, baby boy

James and Heather Stout, Mineral Wells, baby girl

Timothy and Eryn Miller, Walker, baby boy

Brent Mead and Callie Skinner, New Martinsville, baby girl

Jason Lucas and Amanda Hardy, St. Marys, baby boy

Dustin McDonald and Casey Owens, Parkersburg, baby boy

Sept. 30

Isaac and Janet Hileman, Friendly, W.Va., baby boy

Jesse Cunningham and Sierra Easton, Kenna, W.Va., baby girl

Oct. 1

  • Michael and Rachel Lewis, Vienna, baby boy
  • Nelson Hickman and Monica Lowther, Auburn, W.Va., baby girl
  • Joshua Knight and Alie Peters, Parkersburg, baby girl

Oct. 2

  • Christopher and Sarahbeth Murray, Parkersburg, baby boy

Oct. 4

  • Caleb and Lindsey Ball, Spencer, W.Va., baby boy
  • Tyler Rhodes and Kasey King, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Michael Ashby and Jennifer Roberts, Cutler, baby girl
  • Ryan Leek and Cayla Collins, St. Marys, baby girl

Oct. 5

  • Wesley and Tabitha Thomas, Marietta, baby boy
  • James and Brittany Norby, Little Hocking, baby boy
  • Jamie and Ashley Smith, Elizabeth, W.Va., baby boy

Oct. 6

  • Tyler and Katherine Dillon, Sandyville, W.Va., baby boy
  • Russell Wireman and Nichole Smith, Belpre, baby boy
  • Jeremy Benton and Erica Janetos, Belpre, baby boy

Oct. 7

  • Matthew and Jennifer Campbell, Belmont, baby girl
  • Andy and Lenee Hartleben, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Aloralinn Hartley, Ripley, baby boy
  • James and April Gault, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Phillip and Brittany Whitecotton, Washington, W.Va., baby boy

Oct. 8

  • Adam and Ashley Hall, Washington, baby boy
  • Jason and Erika Canterbury, Vincent, baby girl
  • Aaron and Morgan Heiss, Marietta, baby girl
  • Michael Barker and LeeAnn Smith, Parkersburg, baby boy

Oct. 9

  • Ryan and Cortney Fickiesen, Waverly, baby girl
  • Thomas and Brianne Lodato, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Nathan and Kaitlyn Miller, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Beau and Tanessa Stanley, Parkersburg, baby girl

Oct. 10

  • Wilson Moore and Tasha Caplinger, Parkersburg, baby boy

Oct. 11

  • Bradley Goff and Cassidy Harper, Walton, W.Va., baby boy

Oct. 12

  • Justin and Bethany Davis, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Travis Gwynn and Taylor Lott, Washington, baby boy
  • Joshua and Ashley Smith, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Chad Dearborn and Samantha Shamblin, Parkersburg, baby girl

Oct. 13

  • Terry Williams and Lindsay Myers, Parkersburg, baby boy
  • Zachary Brown and Ashley Thomas, New Martinsville, baby boy
  • Keith and Amanda Whitehair, West Union, W.Va., baby boy
  • Eric and Erica Hillyard, Parkersburg, baby girl

Oct. 14

  • Corey Parrish and Merranda Sheppard, Parkersburg, baby girl

Oct. 15

  • Wesley and Frances Tracewell, Vienna, twin girls
  • Connor and Hannah Phillips, Parkersburg, baby girl
  • Joshua Murphy and Danielle Watson, Elizabeth, baby boy
  • Joshua Gibson and Brittany Barker, Belpre, baby boy


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