Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following real estate transfers have been recorded in the office of the Wood County Clerk.

* Caren S. Edwards, Jeffrey Edwards, and Joseph A. Scott, to Jennifer Browning Brooks, and David Michael Brooks, LOT 4 NOHE ADN, Vienna, $151,000.

* Nancy Helen Cornes, and Richard F. Eberhardt Indirect, to Nancy Helen Cornes, Christina A. Keller, and Joyce A. Boone Life Estate, 2 LOTS Spring Street, City of Parkersburg, Consideration: $0.

* Marvin Ray Whipkey II, and Angela D. Whipkey, to Marvin R. Whipkey II, and Trina Caplinger, ALL Undivided INT LOTS 103, 104, & 105 Glen O. Evans ADN Happy Valley S/D NO 2 Less Exemptions, Clay District, Consideration: $0.

* Dusty L. Sullivan, and Amy M. Sullivan, to Timmy D. Wilson, City of Parkersburg, $150,000.

* West Virginia RNE LLC, to Incommercial Net Lease Dist 5, TCT 2-A WV ST RT 47 & Easement, Clay District, $1,650.000.

* James R. Leach, and Joanna C. Leach, to Jeffrey A. Wolfe, and Tina M. Wolfe, LOTS 22, 23 & 24 L. Dudley And Sons ADN, Vienna, $250,000.

* Cecilia Norman AKA C. Norman, to Donna J. Smith, and Michael Barker, LOT 35 Vienna IMP COS ADN, Vienna, $30,000.

* Mark E. Allen, and Lorraine E. Allen, to Mark E. Allen, and Lorraine e. Allen, TCT 0.426-A & Easement & R/W, Clay District, Consideration: $0.

* Mark E. Allen, and Lorraine E. Allen, to Bryan A. Dever, TCT 0.426-A & Easement & R/W, Clay District, $65,000.

* Edith L. Jones, and Francis Lee Jones Indirect, to Kenneth L. Britton and Misty D. Britton, TCT 53/100-A Core Rd, City of Parkersburg, Consideration, $0.

* Small Real Estate Intestate – Appraisements, Carolyn Ann Kelley Deceased, to Veronica Kelley, Jeff Kelley, and Webb Kelley.

* Steven D. Haguewood, and Jennie A. Haguewood, to Deanna Tanner, and Kevin Tanner, TCT 3.511-A Buckner Bend Rd, Clay District, $382,000.

* Paul Day, and Shawtay Day, to Morgan R. Simmons, LOT 55 Section B East Vienna Gardens, Vienna, $129,000.

* Easement – Ronald D. Miller, to Mineral Wells Public Service District, Across TCT Clay District D/B 1160/972 W/ Plat.

* Matthew L. Reese and Karmyn C. Reese, to Matthew L. Reese, and Karmyn C. Reese. LOTS 195, 196, 197, 198, 199, 200, 223 & 238 Franklin’s Place, City of Parkersburg, Consideration: $0.

* Golden & Amos PLLC Trustee and Lila Jenkins Indirect, to Federal National Mortgage Association, LOT 34 Parkers-Towne S/D Phase 1, Union District, $81,203.20.

* David R. Varner and Cynthia J. Varner to Eric M. Miller, and Rachel K. Miller, TCT 0.802-A & R/WS, Clay District, $155,000.

* Richard Taylor to Richard G. Taylor and Hanna Jobeth Thornton, PT LOT 31 Island View ADN, Lubeck, Consideration: $0

* Michael C. Rubin, and Celeste A. Rubin, to Brian Hart, and Caitlyn Hart, LOT 19 Ohio Valley College ADN, Vienna, $179,000.

* Jacquine Holcomb and Norman D. Holcomb Jr, to Celeste Rubin, and Michael Rubin, TCT 15.021-A WV ST RT 31 & OGM’s If any Less Exception, Lubeck, $130,000.

* Roger L. Smith and Christeen Smith Indirect, to Lana S. Law, TCT 1-A Parkersburg-Belleville Rd & R/W, Lubeck, $130,000.

* William C. Parrish and Kathryn M. Parrish, to Steven Brown, and Sherry Brown, LOT Garfield Ave Less Exception, City of Parkersburg, $250,000.

* Aletha J. Hess, Mary Braniff Indirect, Charles B. Braniff Indirect, and Patricia Braniff Indirect, to Melissa L. Cornell, LOT 115 Avalon ADN, City of Parkersburg, $26,000.

* Susie Shaver Indirect and Vickie Williams Attorney, to CJW Company of WV LLC, LOT 4437.875 SQ FT Nineteenth Street & St. Mary’s Ave & 2 LOTS St. Mary’s Ave, and TCT 195h Street, City of Parkersburg, $50,000.

* Small Estate Intestate – Appraisments, Jay Anthony Miller Deceased, to Joann Brown, 05-Parkersburg Map/Parcel 29/132A000, and 05-Parkersburg Map/Parcel 29/01330000.

* Ronald Newman and Tracy L. Newman, to David E. Whanger II, TCT 3.334-A Buckner Bend Road, Clay District, $5,000.

* Small Real Estate Intestate – Appraisments Betty Marie Smith Deceased, to Sharon Smith, Betty J. Maxwell, Wilma Knapp, Neal Smith, Connie Chambers, Mary Ann Knapp and Tim Smith.

* Richard Harpe, to Melinda Leila Goff and Richard Harpe, LOTS 5 & 6 & PT Lot New Dominion ADN Block One, City of Parkersburg, Consideration: $0.

* Small Estate Testate – Will, Mary Eloise Jones, deceased, and Carroll Coen Jones, 10 Vienna Map/Parcel 34/0046000.

* Michael J. Henry and Jacqueline A. Henry, to Jason T. Henry, TCT 0.87-A WV ST RT #14, Slate District, Consideration: $0.

* Jonathan E. Cain to Daniel J. Burgess, LOTS 1 & 2 R/D Andrew’s ADN, Vienna, $120,000.

* Eddie D. Piggott and Leslie D. Piggott, to Darienne L. Miller, LOT 1 Harry Tebay S/D Shattuck Jackson Tavenner and McHugh ADN, Vienna, $157,000.

* Tony L. Johnson and Denise L. Johnson, to Minea Marie Snider, LOT Cliffside Ave & ALL INT Strip, City of Parkersburg, $85,000.

* Gary A. Lowther and Christopher S. Kidd, and Melissa J. Kidd, LOTS 7 & 8 Block 5 Larkmead ADN, Lubeck, $9,250.

* Denise L. Thomas to Christopher Campbell, and Rita Campbell, LOt 6 Brentwood Extension Davis S/D, North Hills, $30,000.

* James G. Williams Jr. and Belinda K. Williams to Casey B. Williams, and Emily G. Williams, TCT 0.507-A Thomas Dr. Less Exception, Lubeck, $215,000.

* Natalie L. Cook to Kami L. Astorg, LOT 7 W.A. Hopkins ADN, Vienna, $319,000.

* Betsy Patterson Affiant and Gene L. Patterson Estate Of, to Betsy Patterson, LOT 2 C.W. Pennybacker’s R/S/D Greenmont ADN NO 2 D/B 1313/409, Affidavit of Survivorship in transfer on death bed, Vienna, Consideration: $0.

* Brady Smith, Sandra Parsons AKA Sandy Parsons, to Leonard L. Bennett, PT LOT 5 Rose H. Bailey & J.F. Snodgrass ADN W/Exhibits, Williamstown, Consideration; $0.

* Bruce McCoy and Linda McCoy, to Brianna K. Ayers, ALl INT PT LOT 9 S/D B. Grier Farm, Vienna, $75,000.

* Peggy Ann Graham Trustee & Successor Trustee, Peggy Ann Graham Revocable Living Trust, Bennie G. Graham Revocable Living Trust, to Elizabeth Mills-Miller, TCT 5.13-A New England Ridge Road, Harris District, $512,500.

* Crystal M. Trader, to Christine Xiao, and Yuanhe Xiao, LOT 27 Bell ADN NO 1, Vienna, $168,000.

* Theodore L. Lewis, and Mary Z. Lewis, to David B. Wamsley, LOT 51 Vienna Homes R/S/D Casto ADN, Vienna, $88,000.

* James Alan Schmidt Affiant, Charlyn Ann Schmidt, and James J. Schmidt, to James Alan Schmidt, and Nancy Jane Schimdt Knight, PT LOT 16 Stewart S/D W/ Exhibit – D/B 1280/709 – Affidavit of Survivorship in Trans, Williamstown, Consideration: $0.

* Steven C. Rowland, to Michelle Dugan, and Richard Place, LOT 57 Gihon ADN 1, City of Parkersburg, $36,288.34.

* Huntington National Bank, to Byron L. Clayton Sr., PT LOT 39 Foley S/D, City of Parkersburg, $60,000.

* R. D. W AKA Robert D. Winebrenner, to Robert D. Winebrenner, and Jana Winebrenner, LOT 13 Wakefield ADN Phase II Section B, Lubeck, Consideration: $0.

* Kalleigh H. Nicely, to Megan Whitney Davis, and Kent M. Davis, TCT 1.30-A Society Hill Road, Slate District, $105,000.

* Shawn D. Critzer, and Brenda K. Critzer, to Samuel Spencer, and Jennifer A. White-Spencer, 2 LOTS Juliana St, City of Parkersburg, $168,000.

* Diana Lynn Brooks-Ray, to Nyoka Raie Brooks, 2 LOTs Johnson Street & PT Alley, City of Parkersburg, $19,000.

* Charles F. Cumpston, Cheryl D. Cumpston, and Sara L. Cumpston Indirect, to Jennifer S. Brunner, LOT 12 Lyons ADN, City of Parkersburg, $148,000.

* Matthew B. Cronin, to Stephanie D. Stephens, TCT 0.37-A & R/W, Lubeck, $118,000.

* Affidavit – Uniform Death Deed – Teresa Ann Lantz Affiant, and Betty J. Lantz Estate Of, to Teresa Ann Lantz, LOT 1 R.E. Hamrick’s Rev S/D Parkersburg Builders Material Company’s Fairview ADN D/, City of Parkersburg, Consideration: $0.

* Charles A. Wegmann Trustee & Affiant, Wegmann Family Trust Dated Aug. 23, 2011, Affiant, Rita L. Wegmann Estate of, LOT 11 Partition Plat Elias LeMasters Estate & TCt 4719.08 SQFT & TCT 5306.37 SQFT, and Affidavit for ancillary administration of West Virginia real estate without appointment, City of Parkersburg.

* Stacey Archer Executrix, and Gene A. Haynes Estate Of, to CH@Pentecostals of Parkersburg Inc, 2 LOTS Avery St & LOT 2 Boreman’s ADN W/Exhibit, City of Parkersburg, $45,000.


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