Wood County Property Transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following Wood County properties were transferred May 20-28

* United Properties LLC to Beechwood Land Group, lot 1 Sunset Heights addition, City of Parkersburg, $500.

* United Properties LLC to Beechwood Land Group, lot 175 Anderson addition, City of Parkersburg, $600.

* Kite & String LLC to Jessica Offenberger, part of lots 36,37,38, and 39 A B Moore’s Bryn Mawr addition, City of Vienna, $117,000.

* Jennifer Conaway to Sarah Runyon, part of lot 61 Camden Riverview Terrace addition, City of Parkersburg, $149,000.

* Joseph Cottrill to Jared Lough, tract 4.49 acres County Road, Steele District, $200,000.

* Lyle Freeland to Marcia Mahoney, lot Edgewood Park, City of Parkersburg, $176,000.

* Jason Graham to Matthew Shellenberger, tract 1.00 acres Chesterville Road and all interest oil, gas, and mineral rights if any, Slate District, $375,000.

* Vickie Pease to Deanna Holmes, lot 4 Fischer Land and all interest oil, gas, and mineral rights if any, City of Parkersburg, $85,000.

* Edward Stoneking to Pamela Frederick, lot 85 and part of lot 84 Andrew’s addition all interest in oil, gas, and mineral rights if any, City of Vienna, $135,000.

* Kathy Sims to Robert Casto II, part of lots 101 and 102 East Vienna Heights addition, City of Vienna, $215,000.

* George Welch to Vincent Correale, tract .518 acres, .027 acres North Hills Drive Parkersburg District, part of lot 1 North Hills addition #1, and tract .275 acres Town of North Hills, Parkersburg District, $479,000.

* Barbara Wigal to Stephaine Newbanks, lot 24 CC and HM McPeek’s Rayon View addition, City of Parkersburg, $122,000.

* Caleb Wirth to Sierra Gerlach, par of lot 46 St Marys Court addition, City of Parkersburg, $144,500.

* Barbara McDowell to Bradley George, lot 153 Brookside addition less oil, gas, and mineral rights, City of Parkersburg, $155,000.

* Stephen Burnside to Stephen Burnside, lots 37 and 38 block H Third rev plat Edgelawn addition Lot 73 Block H rev plat Edgelawn addition, City of Parkersburg, $65,000.

* Peggy Smith to Paul Amos II, all interest tract 21 17/32 acres, 21 13/16 acres, 1/8 acres, Harris District, $30,000.

* Steven Showalter to Sam Horton, lots 4 and 5 Block 1 Fischer and Hamilton addition, City of Williamstown, $140,000.

* K&S Rental and Sales LLC to Christopher Corbin, lot 109 Fairground Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $90,000.

* Marshall Cosner to Zachary Lemley Irrevocable discretionary supplemental care trust, tract 4.546 acres Wood County Road 1 right of way less oil, gas, and mineral rights, Union District, $250,000.

* Mary Weaver to Wade Darnold, all interest tract 53.7855 acres Slate Run Road with plat, Harris District, $255,000.

* Blaine Ritchie to Whitney Cunningham, lot 47 Briarwood subdivision section 2, Williams District, $78,000.

* Shirley Cawthon indirect to Dalton Rogers, tract 40 acres, Harris District, $35,000.

* Matthew Barrett to Jeffrey Greene, tract 2.84 acres County Route 26/2, right of ways if any with plat, Walker District, $255,000.

* Dustin Flinn to Daniel Woodward, lot 18, part of lots 17 and 19 WH Wolfe subdivision #1 Clearance Snodgrass Heirs property, City of Williamstown, $168,000.

* William Kupfner to Kristen Kupfner, tract 7.60 acres US Route #50 less exceptions, right of ways, tract .07 acres Wood County Route 50/36, Union District, $146,362.

* Mark Small to Joanna Heatherly, lot 77 Parkersburg IND COS Fair Plains addition No. 3, City of Parkersburg, $35,000.

* Morehead F L to Pacific Proving LLC, part of tract A Bickel addition #1, Lubeck District, $1,875,000.

* Terry Goff to Jacob Raber, lot 55 Scenic Hill subdivision extension #7, Clay District, $350,000.

* Brandon Ullom to Gary Malone III, lot 19 Par Metta Crest subdivision undivided interest oil, gas, and mineral rights, Union District, $100,000.

* Samuel Stephens to Aaron Harvis, lots 35 and 37 Wood Falls subdivision, tract .440 acres, Union District, $320,000.

* Benjamin Shields to Cecelia Dailey, tract 6 acres, Harris District, $30,000.

* Trenda Overbay to Richard Butcher, tract 1.847 acres, Lubeck District, $78,000.

* Lou Morgan to Lawrence Development Group LLC, lot 25 Roselawn addition, City of Vienna, $18,000.

* Timothy Wolfe to Shawn Morris, lot 4 Vic-Mar addition, City of Williamstown, $162,000.

* Zachary Casto to Donald Whittekind, lot #9 Parish and Morris subdivision, City of Vienna, $138,000.

* John Bosley III to Michael Thompson, lot 1 subdivision Cloy Robinson property, Lubeck District, $160,000.

* Carl Balderson indirect to G & I Rental LLC, all interest tract .605 acres Seventeenth Avenue and Easements, Tygart District, $218,000.

* Linda Bunner to Angela Nester, lot Block 1 subdivision TJ Tavenner’s Estate, City of Parkersburg, $12,000.

* Gerald Cales executor to Timothy Utt, lots 41 and 49 Fletcher Heights redevelopment No. 2 WA Fletcher addition, Tygart District, $26,000.

* Gary Cremeans to Michael Montgomery, lots 5 and 6 Oakwood Estates, Union District, $35,000.

* Myra Garrett to Chedae Blackwell, lots 15 and 16 Washington Gardens, Lubeck District, $197,000.

* Michelle Anthony to Stephanie Morris, lot 10 subdivision rev plat Edgemont addition, City of Parkersburg, $157,000.

* Jessica Richards to Mollie Grandick, lot 18 Northwood Terrace addition, lots 17 and 19 North Wood Terrace addition, part of lot 3 CD UHL estate less strip, Williams District, $193,000.

* Courtyards at Tucker’s Landing LLC to Phyllis Howell, lot 8 Courtyards at Tucker’s Landing Phase II, City of Williamstown, $318,600.

* David Mendenhall to Jeffrey Stephenson, surface only tract 5.367 acres, Harris District, $12,000.

* Paul Schuchts to Kent Forshey, lots 27 and 28, part of Alley Bode’s subdivision Bode’s Midway addition, City of Vienna, $45,000.

* Virgil Havens to Debra Ryder, lots 11 and 12 Eagon addition, City of Vienna, $53,000.

* David Wells to Cody Huggins, lot 91, part of lot 90 Vienna Improvement Company addition, City of Vienna, $152,500.

* M100 LTD to John Sjostedt, tract 5.54 acres Blennerhassett Heights road, part of lot 7 Theodocia Osborne farm, Lubeck District, $93,500.

* TJS Group Properties LLC to Charles Drake, lot 4 block 13 Tavenner Heights addition less exception, City of Parkersburg, $65,000.

* Cheryl Gimpl to Lawrence Fleming, lots 42,43 and 44 Sunnyside addition, City of Parkersburg, $50,000.

* Jeffrey Valentine to John Sjostedt, lot 54 Bleen Lake addition, Lubeck District, $138,000.

* James Cochrane Living Trust to Michael Mitchell, part of lot 109 Maxwell and Pearcy addition with plat, City of Parkersburg, $85,000.

* Jane Powell to Jassmine Smith, lot 36th Street, City of Parkersburg, $94,500.


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