Wood County Property Transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following property transfers were recorded in Wood County from June 24-28:

* Nancy McCoy to Angela Uppole, tract 2.25 acres Butcher Bend Road and right away, Clay District, $1,000.

* Thomas Benz to Simon Hargus, lot 1.32 acres Brentwood Heights Road Town of North Hills, $350,000.

* Thomas Miller to Sylina Davis, all interest track 2.35 acres West Virginia Route 31, Union district, $98,900.

* Branch Banking and Trust Company to Lucas Parker, lot 50 by 93 Chestnut Street, city of Parkersburg, $18,000.

* Michael Richards to Micah Seen, part of lot 31 Sunnyside addition, city of Parkersburg, $86,000.

* Joanna Rodgers to Michael Harmon, lot 11 Forest Hills addition number one, city of Vienna, $146,000.

* OREO Enterprises Inc. to Shonn Williamson, lot number one block number four Oakwood Park addition, city of Parkersburg, $52,000.

* John Hall to Samuel Baker, tract 9.42 acres, Slate District, $179,900.

* David Daniels to Thomas Gyongyosi, lot five Heather Glenn addition, city of Vienna, $50,000.

* Rick McCray to Erica Nelson, lot 65 Springside addition, city of Parkersburg, $84,000.

* Kevin Martin to Kevin Martin, tract .429 acres Hill Drive, Lubeck District, exempt.

* Joshua Shepherd to Steven Johnson, tract 2.93 acres Lee Creek Road less rights of way, Steele District, $70,000.

* Fenton Art Glass Company to Wood County Schools Board of Education, lot 4.88 acres Caroline Avenue and lot 1.36 acres, city of Williamstown with plat, exempt.

* Joseph Wright to Ryan Nelson, lot 29b William E McIntosh subdivision Fieldbrook Acres, Parkersburg District, $131,500.

* Jonathan Larson to Matthew Simmons, tract 54 acres 80 polls Elizabeth Pike less oil, gas, mineral rights if any and tract 3.94 acres less exception, Slate District, $72,500.

* Carolyn Sams to Brandon Watson, lot number one DIV plat Donald Godfrey Niagara Street and 20th Avenue, City of Parkersburg, $115,000.

* Kenneth Starkey to Kathleen Wilson, part of lot 6 Camden Farms Addition number two, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Timothy Whitehair to Stevie Jenkins, lot nine block C third REV plat Edgelawn addition and all interest oil, gas, mineral rights if any, city of Parkersburg, $90,000.

* David Brabham to Thomas Miller, tract 1 acre, tract Williamstown Pike and tract 5.85 acres Williams Run less exceptions all interest oil, gas, and mineral rights if any, Williams District, $130,000.

* CH@Bible Baptist Church to William Fisher lot .02 acres city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Kenneth Bennett to KGBB LLC, lot number three Falling Waters subdivision Phase one, Williams District, exempt.

* Kenneth Balderson to James Gillespy, tract 5 acres West Virginia Street Route 68, Lubeck District, $145,000.

* Diana Beebe to Angela Profitt, all interest lot 14 Stewart’s first addition, city of Williamstown, $35,000.

* William Schneider to Kelly Land and Minerals LLC, interest oil, gas and mineral rights several tracts Slade and Union districts, exempt.

* Anna Mentink to Ronald Cremeans Jr., all interest Canterbury Unit 14 number 149 Phase two and all rights to common areas and right of way The Fields at little run condo, city of Williamstown, $260,000.

* Terra abstract trustee West Virginia Incorporated to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, lot D John M Harper’s second R / D George Quick’s addition, city of Parkersburg, $54,000.

* Housing and Urban Development to Cliffside Investors LLC, tract 2.9 acres Kites Run Road and rights of way less exception less oil, gas and mineral rights, Clay District, exempt.

* Ryan Shaver to Brenda Sturm, lot 23 block F Nicelyville addition, city of Parkersburg, $100,000.

* Christine Duggan to Mary Wolf, all interest lot 17, 18, 21, 22, 25, 26, 29, 30, 33 and 34 Larchmond addition, city of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Donna Hazelett to Billy Gibson Sr., tract 68 acres 66 poles less exception, Walker District, $88,000.

* Kevin Townsend to Keith Townsend, lot three division Guy C Smith heirs property, Harris District, exempt.

* Second Parish family limited partnership to Camden Clark Memorial Hospital Corporation, lot 17,000 square feet Eighth Street and lot 15,014 square feet Juliana Street, city of Parkersburg, $299,976.45.

* Betty Perkins to Rylee Wright, lot 63 Vienna Homes Incorporated R/S/D Casto addition, city of Vienna, $65,000.

* Martha Johnson to Bryan Hardman, lot eight J R Anderson Court addition, Tygart District, $5,000.

* Justin Wajda to Anne Ross, lot five block number 28 Fenton Art Glass addition, city of Williamstown, $123,500.

* Matthew Estep to Carissa Emerick, lots 352 and 353 Riverview addition, city of Vienna, $134,900.

* Steven Roberts to Justin Bragg, attract 5.04 acres West Virginia route number 31 less right of way with plat, Walker District, exempt.

* Owen Newetson to Richard Russell, lot 18 Stone Creek subdivision Phase two, Union District, $225,000.

* Michael Taylor to Charles Shedd, tract .78 acres West Virginia State Route 68 and 1/2 interest tract one square feet and use of easement, Lubeck District, $233,000.


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