On the Record

Wood Sheriff

PARKERSBURG — Wood County Sheriff’s Department released the following reports July 23.

July 19:

* Benjamin Scott Sarvey, 27, of 36th Street, was arrested on charges of fugitive from justice. Jefferson County, Pennsylvania warrants were for failure to appear on charges of manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver.

* Tara Marie Smith, 46, of Grandview Street, was arrested on warrants for charges of driving on suspended/revoked and shoplifting.

* Melanie Ann Blake, 45, of Benton Avenue was arrested on a capias for charges of too fast for conditions, no insurance and improper use of evidence of registration issued out of Tyler County.

July 20:

* James Edward Wallbrown Jr., 30, 413 E. Eighth St., Parkersburg, was arrested on a warrant for battery and current charges of possession of a controlled substance marijuana.

Washington Sheriff

MARIETTA — Washington County Sheriff’s Department released the following reports and charges July 22 and 23.

July 10:

* Detective Lt. Lockhart observed a Toyota Camry eastbound on Waterford Road. The vehicle was traveling erratically swerving back and forth crossing the center line on at least three occasions. The vehicle then made a left hand turn onto Culver Run Road, not utilizing a turn signal. A traffic stop was initiated and the vehicle continued traveling on Culver Run Road at a slow rate of speed, finally stopping. The driver, identified as Todd A. Sarver, exited the vehicle rapidly and began walking toward Lockhart.

Sarver was ordered to remain in the vehicle. Sarver and the passenger, identified as Damion Brown, were observed reaching under the seats, moving back and forth. A strong odor of marijuana was detected coming from the vehicle, and while speaking with Sarver his eyes appeared to be extremely glassy and bloodshot. Sarver was asked if he had been smoking marijuana and he advised he had been. Sarver further stated he had marijuana in his pants pocket he would turn over to officers.

Sarver then exited the vehicle and removed a small glass container with suspect marijuana along with $746 in cash, and a Samsung phone from his pockets. Sgt. Smeeks was assisting at the scene and observed Damion Brown using his legs and the open glove box to conceal something on the floorboard. Brown was advised to close the glove box at which time Brown moved a pizza box on the floorboard, revealing the handle of a pistol under Brown’s feet.

Brown was then ordered out of the vehicle and a Smith and Wesson .40-caliber pistol was observed along with a jar containing a crystal-like substance which resembled methamphetamine, a plastic bag containing crystals that appeared to be methamphetamine, and a Galaxy Note 5 cell phone. All these items were on the floorboard. Detectives removed the items from the vehicle and the pistol was found to be loaded with 10 rounds.

The crystal-like substance in the plastic bag tested positive for methamphetamine and weighed approximately 11 grams. Sarver and Brown advised they did not know of any meth or guns being in the vehicle. Sarver advised detectives that Brown had the pistol earlier in the day; however, he did not know he had it in the vehicle. Todd Alva Sarver, 35, 200 Pennock Drive, Beverly, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of methamphetamine. Damion Anthony Brown, 27, 39 Watertown Road, Waterford, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of methamphetamine and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle. Brown and Sarver were taken to the Washington County Jail where they were held pending their court appearance.

July 14:

* Deputy White responded to Dodd Run Road, Marietta, to a report of a possible stolen vehicle.


* Deputy Zide began an investigation in Newport Township in reference to stolen property.

July 16:

* Deputy J McConnell assisted a resident in Barlow Township regarding possible missing items.

July 17:

* Deputy Zide was patrolling State Route 550, Fairfield Township when he observed a traffic violation and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle driven by Jacob S. Roush. Roush was checked through dispatch and found to have a suspended license. A citation was issued to Jacob S. Roush, 2420 McDonald Road, Vincent, for marked lanes and driving under suspension.

July 18:

* Sgt. Parks was dispatched to 117 Morningside Drive, Marietta, to a 911 call. Parks met with Jaime Woomer who stated she had an altercation at the residence with Chadwick L. Smearman. Woomer stated Smearman came to the residence and said he was homeless and had not eaten in a while so she allowed him in the residence to wait for a ride. Woomer states she and Smearman began arguing in which Smearman pushed her up against a couch, in which Woomer pushed him back to get him off of her.

Smearman followed Woomer to the bedroom and pushed her into a dresser and closet. Smearman then left the residence. Smearman spoke with Parks (via public service) stating he did not strike Woomer and that she struck him. Smearman would not disclose his location and advised that he did try to get into the bedroom as she was trying to close the bedroom door. Chadwick Lynn Smearman, 38, 121 Cullen Road, Marietta, was placed under arrest for domestic violence and probation violation.

* Sgt. Parks met with Angela Johnson, 100 Del Ray Court, Marietta, in reference to a Chevy Sonic she loaned to an individual and it had not been returned. This case remains under investigation.

* Sgt. McGilton received a complaint of a large dog belonging to Sasha Villegas and Brandon Murphy running loose from the property at 16000 State Route 821, Macksburg. The dog was loose and on another person’s property and they were fearful of this dog as it had shown aggression toward their dog. Summons for failing to restrain and failure to register will be requested for Brandon J. Murphy, 41, and Sasha Nichole Villegas, 37.

July 19:

* Deputy White responded along with the Little Hocking Volunteer Fire Department to 2220 Federal Road, Little Hocking, to a vehicle fire. The fire was extinguished and the truck was a total loss.

* Deputy J McConnell responded to First Lane, Belpre, where a motorcycle had been recovered and found to have been stolen from Parkersburg. Contact was made with the Parkersburg Police Department and the motorcycle was released to the owner.

* Lt. Augenstein responded to 21 Chris St., Belpre, in reference to a burglary. This case remains under investigation.

July 20:

* Deputy Hill, while working at the Washington County Jail, was advised of an inmate needing to see a nurse. Inmate Ryan Matheny was contacted and his right hand appeared to be red and swollen, with lacerations. Matheny stated he had lost his temper and punched the wall. A short time later the kiosk, which was located in the dorm where Matheny was housed, was found to have a broken screen. In further investigating it was determined that Matheny had punched the kiosk screen, causing it to break. Ryan Graham Matheny, 33, 122 Kentucky Ave., Marietta, is being charged with criminal damaging.

* The Washington County Sheriff’s Office dispatch received a call regarding a woman dancing in the middle of East Branch Road, Lowell. Sgt. Holbert patrolled the area and observed a female, later identified as Lisa Joy, standing in the middle of the road near the 400 block of East Branch Road. Holbert approached Joy, finding her unsteady on her feet, sweating profusely and wearing no shoes. Joy was making comments and gestures toward subjects, not present, in a wooded area adjacent to the roadway. Joy was placed into custody to be transported to the Washington County Jail. Joy continued with her comments and became belligerent, kicking the partition between the front and back seat of the cruiser. Joy was told to cease her actions, and lightly kicked the partition a few more times. Lisa Marie Joy, 44, 1220 E. Branch Road, Lowell, was charged with disorderly conduct.

July 21:

* Lt. Hornbeck and Deputy J. McConnell met with Karissa Carroll at 159 Second Lane, Belpre, regarding a domestic with Karissa’s husband, Joshua Carroll. During the early morning hours Karissa and Joshua had been drinking and at some point, he began assaulting her by striking her in the face with a closed fist. Joshua also grabbed her around the neck “choking” her. Joshua Levi Carroll, 34, 159 Second Lane, Belpre, was located in the residence and was placed under arrest for domestic violence. Carroll was transported to the Washington County Jail.

* Deputy Brown along with the Little Hocking and Dunham Volunteer Fire Departments responded to 412 Cross Road, Belpre, to a mobile home fire.

* Deputy Brown and Deputy J. McConnell responded to Barnett Ridge Road and Veto Road to a report of a male and female walking in this area. Upon speaking with both individuals, they identified themselves and stated they had been arguing very loudly about having to walk to Coolville. It was determined that nothing physical happened between the two and deputies advised they would give them a ride to a gas station in Little Hocking to help them find a ride to Coolville. The female, Tessia McGrath, was advised that Deputy Brown would have to search her purse for any weapons before she could get in the cruiser and she stated she understood and agreed to this. McGrath stated there were no weapons in the purse; however there may be drugs, as in marijuana and possibly meth. McGrath stated if Deputy Brown found any meth it would belong to her. Deputy Brown did locate a small baggie with a white crystal-like substance, and a baggie with a green leafy substance. Also recovered were three glass smoking pipes. Tessia Dae McGrath-Robbins, 22, 24755 Brimstone Road, Coolville, was placed under arrest and charged with possession of drugs (two counts), illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia and possessing drug abuse instruments, and transported to the Washington County Jail.

July 22:

* Deputy Hall met with Jared Kerns at 1269 State Route 618, the business of Straightline Collision. Kerns advised the building had been entered and items of value possibly taken. This case remains under investigation.

* Det. Sgt. McPeek met with Teri Smith, 2450 Two Mile Run Road, Cutler, in reference to her son, Christopher Mayle. Smith states on July 21, she advised Mayle that he had a court date in another state on Friday. Mayle became upset with Smith and shoved her and burnt her with a cigarette. Mayle continued to wrap his mother’s arms around her back while twisting and hurting her wrist. Mayle continued holding Smith’s arms with one hand and took her other arm and was choking her from behind. Mayle continued outside and threw things from inside the residence, across the road, including a telephone. Mayle also hit Smith’s Jeep. A warrant is being requested for Christopher N. Mayle, 40, for domestic violence and disrupting public service.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County Jail between July 18 and 23 :

* Larry William Ridgeway Jr., 42, 1870 Rinard Mills Road, New Matamoras, drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor.

* Brett Sumner Edwards, 29, homeless, possessing drug abuse instruments, a misdemeanor.

* Matthew Christopher Woods, 21, State Route 821, Marietta, trafficking in heroin, aggravated trafficking in drugs, two counts, all felonies.

* Caylen Kyshal White, 34, 4100 E. 64 St., Cleveland, driving under suspention and speeding, misdemeanors.

* Bruce Allen Stover, 69, 133 Johnson Creek Road, Parkersburg, contempt of court, a misdemeanor.

* Chadwick Lynn Smearman, 38, 121 Cullen Road, Marietta, domestic violence and probation violation, both misdemeanors.

* Frank William Amos, 28, 430 Douglas Ave., Marietta, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, a misdemeanor.

* Robert Barton Lydy, 62, 240 Hillcrest Drive, Apt. 40, Marietta, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, a misdemeanor.

* Colton Ryan Balderson, 30, 17184 Muskingum River Road, Waterford, possession of drugs, a felony, and improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, a misdemeanor.

* Harold Dewayne Angus, 42, homeless, breach of recognizance, three counts, all felonies.

* Shannon Leann Wolfe, 31, 5 Tonya Ave., Parkersburg, illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia and possessing drug abuse instruments, both misdemeanors.

* Andrew Dustin Morgenstern, 19, 3220 Tick Ridge Road, Lower Salem, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, a misdemeanor.

* Adrienne Elizabeth Ball, 23, 11111 Seneca Lane, Byesville, possession of drug abuse instruments, breach of recognizance, both misdemeanors.

* Ashley Nichole Moore, 27, 209 Masonic Park Road, Marietta, breach of recognizance, two counts, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and possessing drug abuse instruments, all misdemeanors.

* Lisa Marie Joy, 44, 1220 E. Branch Road, Lowell, disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

* Joshua Levi Carroll, 34, 268 Homestead Drive, Williamstown, domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

* Tessia Dae Robbins, 22, 24755 Brimstone Road, Coolville, possession of drugs, a felony, illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia, possessing drug abuse instruments and possession of drugs, all misdemeanors.

* Timothy Richard Ray, 53, 3525 Parks St., Grove City, driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs and driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs .238, both misdemeanors.

* Christopher Jerome Long, 19, 309 Main St., Lower Salem, theft, a misdemeanor.

* Jefffrey Dwayne Smith, 24, 11619 State Route 339, Vincent, aggravated possession of drugs, a felony, illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia, contempt of court and possession of marijuana, all misdemeanors.

* Eric Zachariah Hardman, 28, 606 Jameson Ave., Parkersburg, illegal use or possession of drug paraphernalia and obstructing, both misdemeanors.

Athens Sheriff

ATHENS — Athens County Sheriff’s Office released the following reports on July 19:

* A breaking and entering report was received regarding a vehicle on Carr Road in Nelsonville. The complainant shared that a wallet had been taken some time in the night. She advised she had already canceled the debit card that was inside the wallet.

* A report of a cell phone theft from a vehicle on State Route 550 in Amesville was taken. The complainant was pinging her phone using the Find My iPhone app and it was shown on Route 33 in Nelsonville leaving Athens County. She was advised to have the cell provider lock the phone. As the suspect is unknown, this case will be closed until further evidence is discovered.

* An RV and other items were reported stolen from a storage lot on Route 50 in Albany. The owner did not have any paperwork for the vehicle due to it being inside the vehicle. The case is currently under investigation.

* Deputies responded to Bell Road in Millfield regarding an abandoned vehicle. Contact was made with the vehicle owner who is to make arrangements to have it removed.

* An abandoned vehicle was reported on Lemaster Road in Athens. Deputies tagged the vehicle for removal. * Deputies responded to an oil well on Sand Rock Road in Amesville for a damage report. The complainant stated that a vehicle was parked next to the well blocking access for their trucks. Also reported was damage to the pump jack in the area. The vehicle appeared to be damaged possibly to the point of not being operable. The owner of the vehicle was located and advised they would retrieve the vehicle the next day. The incident was documented for reference to the oil company.

* Deputies took a theft report of a license plate from a Circle Drive resident in Guysville. The complainant stated someone had stolen a license plate off her vehicle. Deputies determined the license plate was found by the Ohio State Highway Patrol in Meigs County.

* Deputies responded to New Floodwood Road in Nelsonville for a theft report. The caller advised that someone had stolen parts off his vehicle. The incident is under further investigation.


ATHENS — Athens County Sheriff’s Office released the following reports July 23:

July 19:

* Location information was provided for a female having active Athens County warrants. Deputies went to The Plains Library in an attempt to make contact with Sharon Maffin. Maffin, 44, of New Plymouth, was placed under arrest and transported to SEORJ without incident.

* Units responded to State Route 329 in Stewart for a reported verbal dispute. The complainant advised her live-in boyfriend was causing problems at the residence and she wished for him to be removed. Deputies advised the female she would have to go through an eviction process due to the boyfriend residing with her since December. Deputies were then advised the male had active felony warrants from Washington County. Deputies attempted to contact but the suspect locked the doors. The homeowner gave permission to force entry into the residence to apprehend the suspect. The suspect was found hiding in the kitchen cabinets. Harold Angus III, 42, of Stewart, was placed under arrest and transported to the Washington County line and turned over to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

July 20:

* Deputies were called to Moyis Road in Coolville for a domestic dispute. The caller advised that she and her husband were in a physical altercation. The husband had left the area prior to deputies’ arrival. After speaking with the complainant, she advised that she did not want to pursue criminal charges. The complainant was provided with victim advocate information.

* Deputies were dispatched to Brady Road in Nelsonville regarding a suspicious vehicle. Upon arrival, a white 1990s model Chevy van was located with the owner sleeping inside the van. Upon contacting the male, he indicated he was living out of his van and did not mean to cause alarm or problems. There had been no crime committed and the vehicle was legal. After verifying that he had plenty of water and no health concerns, deputies cleared the scene.

* A theft of a camper on Route 50 West near the Athens/Vinton County border was reported. The complainant’s security cameras captured the faces of two of the suspects, one wearing what appeared to be a warehouse uniform with florescent yellow stripes on it. If anyone has information pertaining to this incident, officials said, contact the Sheriff’s Office non-emergency phone number at 740-593-6633.

* Deputies were dispatched to a Fossil Rock residence regarding a breaking and entering. Upon arrival, units were advised that an unknown person(s) entered the residence via an unlocked door. There were several items taken from the residence. This case is under investigation.

* Deputies responded to Scatter Ridge Road for a reported trespassing complaint. The complainant stated that someone had entered her residence that had been vacant for some time. The complainant also advised nothing was taken. This case is pending further investigation.

July 21:

* Deputies transported Patrick North, 57, of Mansfield, to the SEORJ. North had an active warrant for his arrest. The Morgan County Sheriff’s Office made contact with subject in their county and placed him under arrest while the warrant was confirmed.

* Two individuals were reported walking along State Route 550 appearing to be under the influence due to stumbling in and out traffic. A concerned neighbor advised they were sitting on his neighbor’s porch and advised they did not live there. Deputies contacted the walkers at the residence in Augustine. The female, Holley Thomas, 29, of Chauncey was found barely coherent and had warrants for her arrest. The male was alert and oriented and did not have warrants for his arrest, therefore was released and warned not to come back to the residence. Thomas was placed under arrest and transported to the SEORJ; pills and drug paraphernalia were found on her person. Further charges will be filed.

* A burglary was reported from a Fox Lake Road residence in Athens. The complainant stated that a female had entered his residence the night before and he noticed his wallet missing after the incident. This case is pending further investigation.

* An assault was reported from a Vore Ridge Road resident. The complainant stated his girlfriend had assaulted him by throwing a plate and striking him in the face. The complainant only wished for this incident to be documented at this time. No further action taken.

July 22:

* A report of drivers going around roadway barricades and across his fields to bypass the road closure was received from a Sturbois Road resident. North Coolville Ridge Road is currently closed at the intersection of Sturbois Road due to a slip in the roadway.

Parkersburg Police

PARKERSBURG — Parkersburg Police Department released the following reports on July 22:

* The department responded to 271 calls for service.

* Scott Bush, 39, of Davisville was arrested on July 19 for third-offense driving suspended.

* Janessa Woods, 35, of Parkersburg was arrested on July 19 on a capias for failure to appear.

* Marthanna Savage, 51, of Parkersburg was arrested on July 19 for transferring/receiving stolen goods, petit larceny and breaking and entering of an automobile.

* Joseph Lemon, 30, of Parkersburg was arrested on July 20 for domestic battery.

* Diane Hutson, 36, of Parkersburg was arrested on July 21 on a warrant for battery.

* Kayla Menking, 27, of Parkersburg was arrested on July 21 for failure to process fingerprint, battery of a police officer and obstructing.

* Douglas Corbin, 22, of Parkersburg was arrested on July 21 for DVP violation.

* Gilbert Carpenter, 37, of Parkersburg was arrested on July 21 for obstructing.

* On July 19, officers responded to Plum Street in reference to a larceny that already occurred.

* On July 19, officers responded to Walmart and cited Carlee Parsons for shoplifting.

* On July 19, officers responded to Plum Street in reference to a vehicle entry.

* On July 20, officers responded to Rural King and cited Heavenly Cox for shoplifting.

* On July 20, officers responded to Dunkin Donuts on Division Street and cited Curtis Davis for shoplifting.

* On July 21, officers responded to Go Mart on St. Marys Avenue for a shoplifting.

* On July 18, officers responded to seven motor vehicle accidents.

Williamstown Police

WILLIAMSTOWN — Williamstown Police Department released the following reports July 23.

July 17:

* Samuel Trujillo, 18, Parkersburg, was cited for possession of marijuana on Highland Avenue.

* Brandon Wright, 20, Marietta, was cited for possession of marijuana on Highland Avenue.

July 18:

* Dottie Osburn, 69, Vienna, was cited for speed 78/55 on Rt. 14.

* Allison Burchard, 22, Parkersburg, was cited for speed 39/25 on Highland Avenue.

* Averie Morris, 19, Vienna, was cited for speed 62/45 on Rt. 14.

July 19:

* Ryan Beck, 35, Marietta, was cited for texting while driving on Highland Avenue.

* Jarron Farnsworth, 31, Williamstown, was arrested on warrants charging him with possession of heroin, possession of methamphetamine, theft of utilities and destruction of property. Farnsworth was arraigned at Wood County Magistrate Court and released after posting $4,000 bond.

July 21:

* Officers responded to a reported possible overdose call in the 600 block of Cherry Avenue. An adult female was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for evaluation.

* Collin Miller, 27, Williamstown, was cited for speed 68/55 on Rt. 14.