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Washington Sheriff

MARIETTA — The Washington County Sheriff’s Office released the following reports Sept. 4:

* On Aug. 26, Pamela Fulks, 106 Stanley Mills Road, Little Hocking, reported her home entered and numerous items of value removed. This case remains under investigation.

* On Aug. 26, Deputy Jones was dispatched to 3747 Blue Knob Road, Marietta, to a possible overdose. Local EMS responded to the scene as well and provided assistance to Elton Hart Jr. Deputies located paraphernalia in plain sight inside the home. After being transported to the local hospital, Hart refused medical treatment. Elton Dean Hart Jr., 42, was placed under arrest for child endangering, inducing panic and possession of drug abuse instruments.

* On Aug. 31, Deputy Brown responded to an assault in the Washington County Jail. Anthony Larrison explained that Joseph Slider entered his cell and began punching him. After completing the investigation Deputy Brown filed charges of assault on Joseph Lee Slider, 28.

* On Sept. 1, Deputy Parks was dispatched to 164 Anderson Road, Fleming. Mariah Anderson reported her boyfriend and children’s father, Coy Smallwood, had choked her. Anderson states in the late evening of Aug. 30 and early morning Aug. 31 she and Smallwood were in a verbal argument that continued into the bedroom. Anderson states at one point “he just snapped.” Smallwood pushed Anderson and grabbed her by the neck. Anderson was pushed backwards striking the bathroom door. Later on Smallwood apologized to Anderson. Anderson stated that Smallwood left for work at 6 a.m. and had not returned home since that time. A protection order was requested by Anderson. Deputies made contact with Coy Leonard Smallwood, 26, on Calder Ridge Road, after he contact the Sheriff’s Office for assistance. Smallwood was placed under arrest for domestic violence and probation violation and transported to the Washington County Jail.

* On Sept. 2, Sgt. Reeder issued a citation to Michayla Renee Lupardus, 3184 Tick Ridge Road, Vincent, OH, for stop sign/light violation.

* On Sept. 2, Lt. Hornbeck responded to 1208 Park Avenue, New Matamoras. It was reported that Gary Beagle was at the residence in violation of an active protection order. Luticia Beagle had found Gary in the residence on Sept. 2 and told him to leave several times, however he did not. Luticia also reported numerous items broken/destroyed by Gary prior to her returning home, and he continued destroying things while she was there. Gary had also been burning items in the back yard. A warrant was requested and issued for the arrest of Gary D. Beagle, 33, for violation of a protection order and aggravated arson.

* On Sept. 2, Rhonda L. Tyree was to be processed into the Washington County Jail for active warrants. While in the receiving area Tyree was asked by jail personnel if she had anything illegal such as drugs or weapons, and that she needed to hand it over now, or she would be charged with illegal conveyance, which is a felony. Tyree stated, “No, I don’t have anything.” While in the holding cell officers noticed an odd behavior from Tyree at which time she was ordered to give officers whatever she had in her possession. Tyree then handed over a bag with a brownish pale powder in it. Tyree was advised of her rights and waived same. Tyree admitted that the plastic bag contained heroin. Upon weighing the baggie it was discovered to be 32.51 grams of suspected heroin. A charge of possession of a controlled substance, illegal conveyance into the jail, and tampering with evidence were added to the charges Rhonda Lynn Tyree, 37, 359 Sandhill Road, Reno, was being processed on.

* On Sept. 3, Sgt. Holbert was dispatched to Lowell Elementary School, Market Street, Lowell. The L-A Volunteer Fire Department personnel were on scene attending to the male subject who Sgt. Holbert then observed walking away from the scene. Sgt. Holbert identified the male as Anthony Williams. A strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was immediately detected on/or about Williams’ person. Williams stated he had passed out after consuming alcohol. Anthony Cameron Williams, 45, was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and transported to the Washington County Jail where a breathalyzer test was given with the results being 0.177.

* On Sept. 3, Deputy McKee responded to 503 Cross Street, Belpre, to a report of an assault at that location. Mary White, Little Hocking, was asleep at that location when Tisha Skinner entered the home. After several minutes of verbal arguing/conversation with subject(s) at the home, Skinner struck White with a cell phone by throwing it at her. Skinner also allegedly slapped White across the face. Tisha Leeann Skinner, 38, 1120 Cisler Drive, Marietta, was placed under arrest for assault and transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

* On Sept. 3, Deputy Hall responded to 470 Davis Road, Lower Salem, in reference to a theft complaint. Kimberly Griffin reports money missing from occupants of the residence after a subject had stayed the night. Nathan Morris was asked about the money and eventually stated he took the money. A summons is being requested for Nathan Jeffrey Morris, 16120 SR 550, Fleming, on a charge of theft.

* On Sept. 3, a call was received from Sarah Dunn reporting a violation of a protection order with Quinton Humphrey. Humphrey had phoned Dunn from an unknown number. Contact was made with Humphrey who admitted to messing up and calling Dunn. Quinton Michael Humphrey, 20, 840 Danner Run Road, Newport, was placed under arrest for violation of a protection order and transported to the Washington County Jail.

* On Sept. 4, Sgt. McGilton requested a summons be issued to Sheena Dee Kidd, 32, 587 Morris Loop Road, Marietta, for failing to obtain dangerous dog registration. On July 26, Kidd was given paperwork stating her dog was designated dangerous due to the dog biting a deputy sheriff that was on her property responding to a complaint she filed. Kidd was given all information needed for her to comply with this designation as well as information needed to contest the designation if she wished. As of Aug. 4, Kidd did not contest the designation, which made the dangerous dog designation final and permanent. Kidd was given 30 days to comply with the standards and to obtain the dangerous dog registration, which she failed to do so. Contact with Kidd was attempted but met with negative results.

The following subjects were processed into the Washington County between Friday and Tuesday:

* Heidi Anne Huck, 44, 26 Hillcrest Drive, Marietta,probation violation, a misdemeanor.

* Natasha Katherine Dunn, 29, 705 2nd Street, New Matamoras, Lawrence County warrant, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

* Marcus Maurice Kimbrough, 29, 103 Woodcrest Lane, Marietta, no operator’s license and possession of drug abuse instruments, misdemeanors.

* Larry Steven Wright, 28, 3395 W 56th Street, Cleveland, contempt of court from Cuyahoga County, a felony.

* Coy Leonard Smallwood, 26, 164 Anderson Road, Fleming, domestic violence, a felony, and probation violation, a misdemeanor.

* Andrea Noel Fry, 27, 14 Charles Street, Newport, breach of recognizance, possessing drug abuse instruments and endangering children, all misdemeanors.

* Brandon Joshua Blevins, 29, 600 Ullman Street, Beverly, probation violation, a misdemeanor.

* Hunter Dayne Brandt, 23, 1721 Oak Street, Parkersburg, assault, contempt of court, two counts probation violation, misdemeanors.

* Rhonda Lynn Tyree, 37, 259 Sandhill Drive, Reno, illegal conveyance, tampering with evidence, possession of drugs, felonies, loose dog and failure to register a dog, misdemeanors.

* Morgan Michelle Flinn, 24, 704 Elm Street, Belpre, two counts domestic violence, misdemeanors.

* Jeremy Adam Stone, 37, 1880 Braun Road, Belpre, possessing drug abuse instruments, probation violation and driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, misdemeanors.

* Timothy Joel Foland, 35, 811 6th Street, St. Marys, theft, a misdemeanor.

* Joseph Scott Antill, 41, 877 Dodd Run Road, Marietta, theft, a misdemeanor.

* Jennifer Marie Sturm, 37, homeless, possessing drug abuse instruments, a misdemeanor.

* Amanda Beth Rhodes, 35, 109 8th Street, Apt. 3, Belpre, fugitive from justice.

* Lee Anna Charlton, 36, homeless, driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, illegal use of drug paraphernalia and open container, misdemeanors.

* Elizabeth Ann Lauer, 33, 1020 Caywood Road, Marietta, failure to reinstate operator’s license, a misdemeanor.

* Tisha LeeAnn Skinner, 38, 1120 Cisler Drive, Marietta, assault, misdemeanor.

* Shasta Renee Clay, 25, 1425 Central Avenue, Zanesville, driving under suspension and child restraint, misdemeanors.

* Quinton Michael Humphrey, 20, 840 Danner Run Road, Newport, violating a protection order, a misdemeanor.

* Anthony Cameron Williams, 45, disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.

Athens Sheriff

ATHENS, Ohio — The Athens County Sheriff’s Department released the following reports Sept. 4:

* On Sept. 1, the Criminal Interdiction Unit conducted a traffic stop on Gun Club Road. While on the stop, K9 Bora indicated to the odor of narcotics in the vehicle. Upon searching the vehicle, numerous items related to narcotics use were located. Charges are currently pending lab results.

* On Sept. 3, Athens County Criminal Interdiction Unit conducted a knock and talk operation at South Second Street in Jacksonville. While speaking with the homeowner, consent to search a building on the property was granted. During the course of the search marijuana was located. While speaking with the homeowner, the suspected owner of the marijuana arrived at the residence. Upon making contact with him, deputies located more marijuana and suspected crack cocaine. Also located was over $5,000. At that time, Larry Sheridan, 42, of Glouster, was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance, crack cocaine, and transported to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail. Additional charges are currently pending.

* On Aug. 31, a vehicle and tools were reported stolen from a garage on State Route 356 in Mineral. The stolen vehicle is a 2002 Ford Escort white in color. Also taken were five paint guns and assorted tools from a toolbox. Anyone with information regarding this incident, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 740-593-6633.

* On Aug. 31, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to New England Road where Bryon Casteel was located and arrested on an active warrant. Casteel was transported to the Athens County Sheriff’s office where he was held for court.

* On Aug. 31, a resident of Vore Ridge Road reported the theft of a firearm from his vehicle.

* On Sept. 1, a resident of The Plains reported his 2002 four door maroon Hyundai stolen from his driveway. The caller thinks it was taken around 2300 the night before because the alarm on his other car went off around that time. This case is still under investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 740-593-6633.

* On Sept. 1, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Lehoe Road area in reference to hunting cabins being broken into. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the complainant and photos and statement were taken. No further actions were needed.

* On Sept. 1, a theft was reported in the area of Chase Road. The complainant stated that some cash and medications were recently taken from his home. A report was taken and is currently under investigation.

* On Sept. 1, a female in The Plains reported that someone had come into her basement and stolen several items she had stored there. The items were predominately old containers which are considered collectibles now and some jars and cans. This matter remains under investigation at this time.

* On Sept. 2, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office was called to Carl Drive for a theft report. The caller advised that he allowed a female that he knew to come in his residence to use the restroom and charge her phone. After he took her to meet a friend and returned home, he found that items had been taken out of his residence. This case is still under further investigation.

* On Sept. 3, a vehicle was broken into on SR 691 and Kimberly Road area in Nelsonville. Loose change and cash was taken. The incident was believed to have occurred sometime after 2:30am. Any information on this case person are requested to contact ACSO.

* On Sept. 3, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office was called to Valero in The Plains, for a report of a theft of a motor vehicle. The caller advised that he went inside the store and that when he came back out his vehicle had been taken. This case is still under further investigation.


PARKERSBURG — The following divorce petitions were recently filed between in the office of the Wood County Circuit Court Clerk:

* Mary Elizbeth Taylor v. JOshua Eugene Taylor

* Christopher Lee Beach Sr. v. Heather Renee Beach

* Ashley Moore v. Zach Moore

* Raven R. Ong v. Derick L. Walker

* Rachel Dawn Anthony v. Donald James Anthony II

* Savannah Wrey Dooley v. Jeffrey Craig Dooley II

* Joseph Paul Dugan v. Tina Lynn Dugan

* Daniel P. Stewart v. Charlee R. Sikorski

* Arlis R. Lamp Jr. v. Rebecca S. Lamp

* Macie Breann Adams v. Heather Dawn Adams

* Tina Colleen Ghee v. Kenneth McCrady Vincent

* Trina June Burns v. Douglas Hardy Burns


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