Complaint offers new details of catalytic converter theft

PARKERSBURG — Two Worthington residents were arrested for catalytic converter thefts in Parkersburg this month.

Shelley Claire McCormick, 30, 243 Aberdean Drive, Worthington, and Marcus Jackson McCormick, 43, same address, attempted to steal a catalytic converter from a vehicle in the Grand Central Mall parking lot on Jan. 10, according to a criminal complaint filed with the Wood County Magistrate Court.

Shelley was the lookout as Marcus cut the converter from a 2021 Toyota Highlander, the complaint said, adding the two thought they were being watched and left the area.

A witness followed the McCormicks and assisted at the scene. The complaint said Vienna Police officers found the McCormicks’ vehicle at the Mid-Ohio Valley Medical building behind the mall.

After confirming their identities through mall security footage, officers brought the two in for questioning and the complaint said Shelley admitted she and Marcus had tried to steal the converter.

She also said they were involved in another converter theft in the Parkersburg area that same day, according to the complaint. The theft in question took place at the St. Joseph Recovery Center parking lot on Murdoch Avenue in Parkersburg, the complaint said.

The McCormicks stole a converter from a 2017 Toyota Highlander with labor and replacement costs valued at $1,443, the complaint said.

A search warrant of the vehicle revealed cutting tools, saw, grinder, bolt cutters and a pipe cutter.

“A large brass pipe or water bib with fresh cut marks was also located within the vehicle,” the complaint said.

Shelley and Marcus McCormick are being charged with grand larceny and the attempt to commit an offense and were being held at North Central Regional Jail on $20,024 bonds.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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