Wood County Schools thankful for service personnel

PARKERSBURG — Wood County Schools is thanking the many service personnel of the district.

Thursday was West Virginia Service Personnel Day, a statewide celebration that honors and thanks countless people who provide invaluable support services for the state’s 55 county school systems.

There is about a third of the district’s 1800 employees that are in service personnel positions. These positions include bus drivers, cooks, custodians, mechanics, teacher aides, specialists, secretaries, clerks and accountants.

“Wood County service personnel make the school system operate,” said Assistant Superintendent Mike Fling, who oversees facilities and service personnel for Wood County Schools. “They deliver students to and from school, feed our students, keep our facilities clean and running, provide classroom and administrative support, and answer the call whenever they’re needed.”

Fling mentioned that these daily acts occur behind the scenes, with little fanfare.

“I’m not sure the public understands just how dependent our school system is on this group of employees. They are the unsung heroes of our schools,” Fling said.

Superintendent Will Hosaflook said the service personnel in Wood County regularly go above and beyond the call of duty.

“Our service personnel are amazing,” he said. “Though Wood County Schools has always boasted some of the most skilled and dedicated service personnel in West Virginia, the past two years have shown everyone what a vital role they play in our education system.”

Hosaflook said he felt like the service personnel stepped up to help take care of the students during the pandemic.

“These are their children. Every day they treat our students like their own,” he said. “Our service personnel are not just employees, they are role models for our students, and we are thankful every day for their hard, hard work and dedication to Wood County Schools.”

Wood County Board of Education President Justin Raber said the importance of the district’s service personnel cannot be overstated.

“Service personnel are the backbone of Wood County Schools,” Raber said. “They are often the first to see students when they are on a bus or while having breakfast. Without our essential service employees, our teachers would not be able to do their impeccable jobs and our students would not be able to learn. Each one is an essential employee and a vital part of what makes Wood County Schools great.”


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