Wood County Republicans take aim at For the People Act

PARKERSBURG — The Wood County Republican Party Executive Committee is preparing a resolution to encourage West Virginia’s two U.S. senators to oppose the For the People Act and reforms to the filibuster rule, the chairman said on Friday.

The For the People Act, House Resolution 1, is generally opposed or supported on partisan lines where Republicans are opposed and Democrats are in favor. Opponents claim it opens elections to fraud, however supporters say it will make voting in federal elections easier, end gerrymandering of congressional districts and add protection against foreign involvement, among others.

Same-day registration is among those elements that can led to fraud, Wood County GOP Chairman Roger Conley said. A person can register at one poll, go to another and register and vote again, he said.

The resolution also says the act includes unsupervised drop box locations, ballot harvesting, accepting ballots up to 10 days after an election, allowing felons to vote and other issues, Conley said.

“All these things can lead to greater impropriety on election day,” Conley said.

The resolution will be considered at a special meeting of the executive committee on Tuesday also asks Sens. Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito to oppose reforms to the filibuster rule.

“Which if passed would silence the minority political party and would harm efforts to come together on bipartisan working relationships,” the resolution said. The Republicans are the minority in the Senate and House.

The goal is to have the resolution in the hands of the two senators by the end of the week, Conley said.


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