Charleston man charged with Kenna kidnapping

KENNA — A Charleston man was arrested last month in Jackson County after allegedly kidnapping a man, threatening him with a gun and knives while making demands to give him money and take drugs, according to a criminal complaint filed with the Jackson County Magistrate Court.

The alleged victim’s sister contacted law enforcement May 29 saying Kendric Craig Conrad, 28, 307 Park Ave., Charleston, had stabbed her brother, the complaint said.

Conrad was staying at the victim’s residence on Middle Fork Road in Kenna. The victim said Conrad had been acting strange in the previous days and was suspicious that he was under the influence of drugs, according to the complaint.

The victim confronted Conrad and asked him if he was on drugs but he denied it. Conrad then asked the victim to drive them to a hotel in Charleston, the complaint said. When the two walked out of the home, the victim heard a gun shot and asked Conrad if he had a gun, which he denied, according to the complaint.

Conrad got into the backseat of the car and when the victim asked why he got into the back, he told him to drive and the victim saw a rifle in the backseat, the complaint said. The victim claimed Conrad had the gun pointed at him and had the barrel pushed against his side and face at one point, according to the complaint.

As they were driving, Conrad cut the victim in the neck with a knife but denied it when the victim confronted him about it, the complaint said. Conrad cut the victim a second time and when he asked him to stop, Conrad said “well do what I (expletive) tell you,” the complaint said.

The men drove up to an ATM after Conrad told the victim to get money and while they were at the ATM, Conrad pulled off the victim’s shirt because it was covered in blood and he then put a blanket over the victim, the compliant said.

While they were at the ATM, the victim said Conrad held a knife to his neck while he was withdrawing the money, according to the complaint.

After the victim gave him the $300 he withdrew, the two drove back to the residence on Middle Fork Road but before they got back, Conrad allegedly punched the victim in the ear and eyes, the complaint said.

The victim said he thought he was going to pass out and that there was blood on his car seats, the door of his house, the porch and his bed, according to the complaint.

Conrad allegedly forced the victim to take a pill because he couldn’t trust him enough to go to sleep. The victim claimed Conrad had a gun and knife in his hand while telling him to take the pill, the complaint said.

The next day, Conrad wanted to leave and the victim stayed home but allowed Conrad to take his vehicle, the complaint said. While Conrad was gone, the victim hid in the woods and contacted his sister who contacted law enforcement, according to the complaint.

The victim’s car, with Conrad in the driver’s seat, was located in the Fairplains area and Conrad was taken into custody, the complaint said.

Blood was seen inside the car and Conrad had ammunition in his pockets, the complaint said.

The victim’s car was taken to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department and it was swabbed for fingerprints. Inside the car was a bloody knife, two napkins stained with blood, the shirt the victim was wearing and the blanket he covered up with, the complaint said.

The Middle Fork Road residence was also searched. Blood was throughout the home along with a loaded rifle and a knife, the compliant said.

The victim said the firearm in question was the same one he was threatened with, according to the complaint.

During his arraignment, Conrad said he stabbed his boyfriend and after detectives looked through his phone, they found photos of blood from the inside of the victim’s vehicle, according to the complaint said.

Conrad is being charged with kidnapping and was being held without bond at South Central Regional Jail.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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