Vienna City Council discuss raises for city employees

Members of the third and fifth grade Vienna Recreation basketball teams received recognition from Mayor Randy Rapp and council member Mike Elam on Thursday for winning their championships. (Photo by Jenna Pierson)

VIENNA — Vienna City Council met Thursday to discuss raises for city employees, as well as potential upcoming projects and sales of city equipment.

Prior to the meeting, members of the third and fifth grade Vienna Recreation basketball teams were present with their coaches to receive certificates for being championship winners.

“It’s a great thing,” Mayor Randy Rapp said.

Council unanimously approved the Master Plan for Parks contract proposal, which will be drafted through engineering firm Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc. and costs $18,550, which was previously outlined in the general budget.

Council additionally approved the construction of equipment that will benefit area children. One is a steel structure for the TREK students at Vienna Elementary School through a bid approval of $14,565 and the other is a new large custom-built playground piece for Jackson Memorial Park that is $48,736 and will receive partial funding through the Spartan Foundation.

For the upcoming pool season, a general fund budget revision was made to direct $20,000 to pay for necessary plumbing repairs and prep work.

In terms of auction sales, council unanimously approved the sale of a 2003 Dodge Durango to the City of Williamstown for $2,000 and the listing of three other vehicles on govdeals.com for auction. Among these vehicles are a 2006 Dodge Charger, a 1998 Dodge Dakota and a 2000 Volvo 10-ton dump truck.

“It’s a good time to maximize the value of these vehicles,” said council member Jim Leach.

City recorder Melissa Elam and council member Kim Williams questioned whether the city had any future use for the dump truck, and Rapp informed council that the truck poses a safety issue and has sat dormant for several years.

“It’s less about nobody wanting to drive it and more about if we have a utility for it still,” Melissa Elam said. “If we’ve gone that long without using it, then it seems like we don’t need it anymore.

Council additionally approved motions to raise the pay to $11 an hour for the part-time receptionist for the Vienna Police Department and a 65 cent increase for all city employees per hourly pay, with an exception for law enforcement.

Council also discussed future projects that will continue to need council attention. One is HVAC units in the Vienna Senior Center that need either replaced or repaired while another is a possible change in software or upgrades for city security cameras.

“We want to know where the system is at now and what is salvageable,” said Rapp in regards to the security camera system and the location of the surveillance cameras around the city.

For infrastructure, it was mentioned that the city is set to go to bid soon for its $1.2 million paving project.

Jenna Pierson can be reached at jpierson@newsandsentinel.com


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