Marietta renews three levies

Jason Pyles, right, aids voters in electronic voting machines at the Marietta Township Recreation Center on Tuesday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

RENO– Lawn signs leading up to the Marietta Township Recreation Center on Sandhill Road reminded voters Tuesday that the three renewal fire protection and emergency medical services levies were nothing new.

Washington County Auditor Matthew Livengood concurred Tuesday with the sentiment.

“Because when it is a renewal, the simplest way to say this is it’s not going to cost the taxpayer any more money than the year it first passed,” he said.

But of the 3,199 registered voters eligible to vote in the township, only 513 votes (16 percent) were cast concerning the fire and EMS levies between early and day-of ballots counted (not including any provisionals which won’t be reviewed until May 17 by the Washington County Board of Elections.)

“It’s been pretty quiet,” said Candie Nelson, the polling location manager in Reno. “Mostly people have been just glad to see friends here and vote, but there’s so little on the ballot it’s not taking long.”

Mandy Amos, executive director of the Washington County Board of Elections, noted that the last time the 0.5-mill, 1-mill and 1.6-mill levies passed for the township was in 2017.

“They’re three separate levies with different millage,” she explained. “They’re all renewals, but they’re all separate issues so one could pass and another could fail, 2017 was when those same ones were last on the ballot as renewals.”

But support of all five of the precincts in the township solidified before 9 p.m. as ballots were counted.

The 0.5-mill renewal passed with 77.19 percent approval (396 out of 513 votes.)

The 1-mill renewal passed with 75.1 percent approval (377 out of 502 votes.)

The 1.6-mill renewal passed with 73.05 percent approval (374 out of 512 votes.)

Each levy was passed for an additional five years and would next be eligible to reappear on ballots in 2026.


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