West Virginia reports a day with no new COVID deaths

CHARLESTON — No COVID-19 deaths were reported in the 24-hour period from Sunday to Monday morning by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.

The death count in West Virginia as of Monday stood at 2,785 residents since the pandemic started in March 2020, according to the Monday morning pandemic update from the state. The state reported eight deaths over the weekend, including a Wood County resident.

New cases of the virus increased 260 in the 24-hour period from Sunday to morning. Total active cases in the state were at 7,388 on Monday, a drop of two from 7,390 on Sunday.

Active case totals as of Sunday (previous day) in local counties are: Calhoun, 18 (18); Doddridge, 24 (22); Gilmer, 4 (2); Jackson, 66 (73); Pleasants, 10 (9); Ritchie, 15 (15); Roane, 24 (27); Tyler, 18 (21); Wetzel, 66 (70); Wirt, 10 (10); and Wood, 118 (118).

Hospitalizations totaled 232, with 60 in an intensive care unit and 20 on ventilators, the same levels as on Sunday.

The state has fully vaccinated 508,089 people. Local counties (total fully vaccinated and percentage of population): Calhoun, 1,457, 20.5; Doddridge, 3,041, 36; Gilmer, 1,772, 22.7; Jackson, 7,240, 25.3; Pleasants, 2,084, 27.9; Ritchie, 2,459, 25.7; Roane, 3,296, 24.1; Tyler, 1,996, 23.2; Wetzel, 4,667, 31; Wirt, 1,264, 21.7; Wood, 18,574, 22.2.

Residents 16 an older can pre-register for vaccinations at vaccinate.wv.gov or call 833-734-0965.

Berkeley is the only county designated in the high-alert red category on the County Alert System map that is based on infection and positivity rates. Wood, Pleasants, Tyler, Ritchie, Roane, Calhoun and Gilmer were green, the least severe. Wetzel and Wirt were gold, third in severity, and Doddridge and Jackson were yellow, second in severity.


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