West Virginia bishop condemns attacks on Asian Americans

WHEELING — The bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Thursday issued a statement condemning the attacks on Asian Americans.

“Along with millions of other Americans, I deplore and condemn the recent deadly attacks on Asian Americans in Georgia and other incidents of violence against them elsewhere,” the Most Rev. Mark E. Brennan said. “From the Chinese Exclusion Act of the 19th century to the internment of Japanese American citizens during World War II in the 20th century to the resentment shown in our own day toward Asian American students who work hard and get good grades, men, women and children who trace their origins to the ancient societies of Asia have been subject to many kinds of prejudice and unfair discrimination in this country.

“Such racism and nativism have no place in our national life,” he said.

The bishop of the Roman Catholic diocese said he has worked with Korean, Vietnamese and Filipino Americans throughout his priesthood.

“I have the joy of working now with priests from India and other countries, who have come here to serve our people,” Brennan said. “They are good people. They enrich our nation with their cultures, their talents and their hard work. We should all welcome them and defend them against attacks.”


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