Williamstown City Council discusses water fee

WILLIAMSTOWN — Williamstown City Council met Tuesday evening to approve previously discussed business and to discuss a potential water fee increase for citizens of Williamstown.

“This year we have had a lot of expenses come forth,” councilmember Jim Stage said. “We had to buy a new well pump, lots of water lines broke, we purchased extra meters for new housing so we kinda went into the red.”

According to Mayor Paul Jordan, the city has not instituted a water fee increase in over four years.

At the meeting, it was proposed to City Attorney C. Blaine Myers that legislation be written for this topic to be addressed at the next council meeting.

“We feel it is easiest to have small increases over a few years,” Stage said. “It will keep our heads barely above water, but still above.”

The potential ordinance will begin with an increase of 3 percent, and specific projections for what this would look like for the average citizen’s bill will be provided at a future meeting, according to Stage.

Other orders of business according to councilmember Marty Seufer included:

∫ Unanimous passage on second reading of an ordinance to establish a new four-way stop at the intersection by the new Williamstown Elementary School.

∫ Unanimous passage of a new payment system for city fees and tickets, WV i-Pay, which is utilized by Wood County as a whole.

∫ The introduction of new city employee Donna Falcsik, who will work at the front desk of the city building.

“We are very excited to have her,” Jordan said.

∫ The next regularly scheduled city council meeting has been canceled due to Election Day on Nov. 3.


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