Foggin challenges Tebay for Commission seat

PARKERSBURG — The candidates running for Wood County Commission want to help residents through development and other measures designed to enhance life locally.

Incumbent Robert Tebay, a Republican, faces facing David Foggin, a non-partisan candidate.

Tebay, 85, a local businessman with a number of rental properties, has served on commission for 18 years with two consecutive terms and then one term off and again for the last six years. He resides in the Lubeck area.

He said the immediate priority is for everyone to get out of the COVID-19 pandemic, whether through a vaccine or other treatment, so businesses can start up again, other businesses can be brought to the area and more people can get back to work.

”Anything we can do to improve the health of our citizens in regards to this disease has got to be done,” he said. ”Our county needs to be behind any effort to keep people well.

”That is very important.”

Once a treatment is ready, he feels the county needs to take a lead in setting up ways for people locally to receive it.

He credits the elected officials and department heads in helping to keep employees safe and healthy.

Work is being done to make sure the upcoming election will be safe and people can remain healthy, Tebay said.

Once that is done, he looks forward to encouraging business development as the commission has regularly done over the years

”We need to bring jobs and income to everyone in the area,” Tebay said.

In doing the job of commissioner, Tebay said he tries to respond to people’s questions and concerns.

”I try to respond to anyone who calls or writes to me with a problem and try to respond to that as soon as possible and get an answer for them,” he said.

He has dealt with noise complaints, delapidated buildings and more. He has tried to go out and see the problems for himself and see if there is an official who can handle it.

”I do my job and help people if I can,” Tebay said.

David “Dave” Foggin, 49, of Belleville is a former Chemical Engineer for five years at Century Aluminum in Ravenswood who has taught physics and chemistry at Parkersburg South High School for the last 21 years. He has resided in Wood County all his life.

Foggin wants to be able to serve the people of Wood County.

”I would like to represent the best interests of the citizens of Wood County and uphold the Constitution of the United States,” he said. ”I am a Christian and I’m a firm supporter of our constitutional rights and liberties.”

His priorities include public safety, business development and more.

”As commissioner I would emphasize public and employee safety,” Foggins said. ”I would work to further strengthen and support law enforcement. I would work to ensure equal and fair distribution of resources in Wood County. I would work to enhance the image of Wood County and attract business to the county. I would work to provide opportunity for the citizens of Wood County.”


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