Elizabeth’s mayor accepts grant for sidewalk

Elizabeth Mayor Bobbi Moore, right, accepted a grant from Gov. Jim Justice on Wednesday in the amount of $182,000 for the construction of a new sidewalk. (Photo Provided)

ELIZABETH — Gov. Jim Justice announced a $182,000 grant for Elizabeth on Wednesday, among other communities, as part of the Transportation Alternatives and Recreation Trails Program.

Justice announced a total of $1.6 million for 12 communities around the state which are considered the Metro Valley Region.

“I’ve been excited to award a bunch of these grants over the past few days, and not just in Charleston, but all over the state,” Justice said. “We just got these grants in on Monday and I said let’s get these out the door right away, because they help our communities in so many different ways.”

The grants, funded by the Federal Highway Administration, allow for the improvement of trails, sidewalks, lighting and more.

Elizabeth’s grant will be used for the design and construction of a linear sidewalk along School Street and Franklin Street.

Elizabeth Mayor Bobbi Moore said they had applied for a phase five construction of the sidewalk about three years ago and they were only anticipating around $65,000.

“Very few streets here in Elizabeth have sidewalks and we have people walking in the streets,” she said.

Several of those sidewalks were believed to have been installed in the 1940’s and some of them have deteriorated.

“We’ve been doing sidewalk projects off and on in the past. Our last project went from Coplin Clinic to (W.Va.) 14,” Moore said. “Even though we have a diverse community, a lot of our community needs assistance with canes or motorized scooters and they’re in the street. We’re trying to get sidewalks replaced so we can keep them out of the street.”

The sidewalk, which will begin construction in Spring 2021, will extend from School Street to Cherry Street and down to Franklin Street.

“That’s a high traffic area here in Elizabeth, incorporates three sets of apartments, a trailer park and I can’t begin to tell you how many households. It’s definitely one of the main streets we have,” Moore said. “On School Street we have 40 or 50 kids who catch the bus. When they get off the bus they are walking on the street.”

Moore and a few others went to Charleston on Wednesday to accept the grant.

“We were thrilled. This isn’t something we get very often, we were excited to get something like this. Any time we’re getting grants, it’s a positive thing,” she said.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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