Wood County BOE allowing retired educators to work as subs

PARKERSBURG — Retired teachers in Wood County can work as substitutes without losing retirement benefits, the Board of Education decided on Tuesday.

The purpose is to employ retirees as substitutes during a school year on an expanded basis in areas of critical need and shortage.

Under W.Va. Code 18A-2-3, Wood County is in an “area of critical need and shortage,” which means the number of available substitutes in the county with the certification or training required is not met.

“It’s a critical need in this area and like in every school system in West Virginia. We love for retirees to come back because they value education, they value students and we rely on them heavily. They do such a great job in our county and we could not do it without them,” Superintendent Will Hosaflook said.

A critical need in the substitute teachers for Wood County exists in special education in all areas especially multi-categorical, science in all areas and disciplines, mathematics, library and media, family consumer science, driver’s education, English, foreign languages, business and vocational and technical education, school nurses, speech pathologists and school counselors.

Retired teachers will be allowed to substitute for an unlimited number of days without affecting the monthly retirement benefit. This policy shall be in effect upon an opening existing in a position of critical need and shortage when no other teacher who holds certification and training in the area and who is not retired is available and accepts the substitute assignment.

Retired teachers will only fill vacancies in critical need and shortage areas when they are certified in areas defined in this policy. When a retired employee is employed as a substitute to fill a critical need position, the board shall continue to post the critical need position electronically for a fully certified or permitted teacher or employable professional for the position.

Retired teachers employed to perform expanded substitute service under this policy are considered day-to-day, temporary, part-time employees. Substitutes are not eligible for additional pension or other benefits paid to regularly employed employees and shall not accrue seniority.

Any person who retires and begins work as a critical needs substitute teacher within the same fiscal year in which that person retired, will lose those retirement benefits attributed to the annuity reserve, effective from the first day of employment as a retiree critical needs substitute teacher in that fiscal year and ending with the month following the date the retired ceases to perform service as a critical needs substitute teacher.

This policy is for the 2020-2021 school year, but could be renewed each year by the board.

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