Calhoun County officials to choose engineering firm for water, sewer study

GRANTSVILLE — The Calhoun County Commission will hold a special meeting today to select an engineering firm to conduct a study of water and sewer services in the county for insight of what needs to be improved.

About six months ago, the commission voted to allow the Mid-Ohio Regional Council to request bids for an engineering firm due to a grant from the Appalachian Regional Council, according to Chip Westfall, county commission president.

“That’s going to do a study of the water and sewer system to see how they can be made more efficient and better,” he said.

The study will not only analyze the infrastructure, it will look into basic operating systems.

“There’s going to be accountants involved in it too and people from other water systems will look into it and make suggestions,” Westfall said.

These studies are needed because of the age of some of the systems. Pleasant Hill had the most recent update when they increased their customer base by 200 people about a year or so ago, Westfall said.

Other areas like Mt. Zion hasn’t seen an update in about six years.

The study is planned to be complete by the middle of next year and Westfall said certain changes that are suggested by the engineering firm should be able to quickly take effect.

“The administrative changes could be done quicker than the actual infrastructure things. The administrative things shouldn’t cost hardly anything,” he said.

The Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council facilitated contact with the engineering firms and made this study possible.

“We couldn’t operate if it weren’t for them,” Westfall said.


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