St. Marys mayor issues proclamation backing police

ST. MARYS — Earlier this week, St. Marys Mayor Paul Ingram recognized the St. Marys Police Department for its service to the community by issuing a Blue Lives Matter Proclamation.

Chief Bill Stuhl said they were unaware of the proclamation, but were asked to attend the St. Marys City Council meeting this week.

After the meeting was opened, Ingram read the proclamation and presented the police department with a Blue Lives Matter flag.

In the proclamation, Ingram says it was created “in honor and recognition of our Police Officers and the vital contributions they make to the safety, quality of life, and well being of our citizens.”

Ingram said he was thinking about recognizing the police department for a while but thought now was a good time to do so.

“Lately it seems to be everything has been targeting police departments across the nation. I thought it was time we recognized our men in blue,” he said.

Throughout the years, Ingram, city council and the police department have maintained a good working relationship, Stuhl said.

“(Ingram) has been very supportive of me as a chief to run the department and the rest of council as well,” he said. “I as chief along with the officers want to thank Mayor Ingram for the support he has given the police department over his many years as our leader. I also want to say how much we have enjoyed working with our city council and the support they have provided us with over the many years.”

Likewise, Ingram is thankful for the dedication of their police department over the years.

“We’re fortunate that we have these fellows,” Ingram said.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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