Doddridge County Schools superintendent outlines reopening plan in letter

WEST UNION — As Doddridge County Schools prepares its plans for the fall 2020 semester, Superintendent Adam Cheeseman wrote a letter to parents detailing facility upgrades, safety protocols and other important updates.

The plan for re-entry is pending approval from the Board of Education and the State Department.

“Our planning for the opening of schools this year has been like no other year. We have looked at each moment students are in our care; from the moment they step on the school bus in the morning until they are returned in the evening,” Cheeseman said.

To maintain safety and enhance safety, a few upgrades to the facility have been completed.

Sensors will be available that will screen for high temperatures in faculty and students.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will be improved with the installation of air purification models “that will help to prevent the coronavirus from circulating through the air ducts,” Cheeseman said.

The visitation policy will limit the number of people coming into the building when students are present.

For students who elected virtual learning, Cheeseman said Wi-Fi transmitters will be installed throughout the county where students can download their work and take it home to complete.

“We, of course, would love to see each student at school. However, we understand parents and students may prefer remote learning during this pandemic,” Cheeseman said. “We respect parents’ decisions and will do our best to provide a quality education to each student.”

With the return of students in class this fall, Cheeseman hopes it will help to give students a returned sense of normalcy.

“A set routine of getting out of bed, riding the bus and coming to school can provide structure. Young people need that structure to prepare for the world after school,” Cheeseman said. “Students also need to learn the skills to prepare themselves for job opportunities after high school.”

By working with the Doddridge County Health Department and the State Department of Education, the safety of students will be monitored and if needed, they will transition into fully virtual learning.

“We are so very excited about the return of students to our buildings. As educators we look forward to these new beginnings each year. This year our preparations not only included making sure our students have all of the supplies they need; but also making sure that we can care for their safety,” Cheeseman said.


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