Vienna council votes down golf cart ordinance

VIENNA — Vienna City Council did not pass the ordinance for usage of motorized carts (golf carts) on second reading Thursday.

The ordinance would have allowed people to legally ride golf carts in the city on secondary streets.

Some of the highlights the ordinance included were: anyone on the golf cart under the age of 18 must wear a bicycle helmet, and anyone under the age of 6 is not permitted to be on the cart. Those driving a golf cart are allowed to cross Grand Central Avenue above 28th Street, at 28th Street and below it at 12th Street, 23rd Street and the 700 block of Grand Central where Walmart is located, because those intersections are equipped with stop lights.

There was a lot of discussion leading to the refusal of this ordinance at previous meetings, with multiple members of council expressing safety concerns.

A major concern expressed was crossing at 12th Street due to possible collisions between golf carts and vehicles.

Other business conducted at council included:

Mayor Randy Rapp and council member Roger Conley took time to review the historical growth of the city financially and its sustainability. After some back-and-forth discussion, Rapp ended the conversation and moved to council comments.

Also announced was that July 18 will be Back the Blue Day. The City of Vienna wants to take the time to show support and gratitude for Vienna officers, officials said.


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