Pleasants County Schools releases re-entry plans

ST. MARYS — Pleasants County Schools has released its re-entry plan for students returning for the fall semester.

The model involves students attending school four days a week with the fifth day online.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted life as we know it. The return to school in Pleasants County is extremely important and must be done in the safest way possible,” Pleasants County Schools said on its Facebook page.

Wednesday will be the remote learning day, at which time the buildings and busses will undergo intense cleaning and sanitizing.

Parents have the option to participate in full online learning if they choose not to send their kids back to school.

As per guidance from the Department of Health and Human Resources and West Virginia Department of Education, all students and staff members will be provided with a mask.

Markings on the walls and floors will indicate the proper social distancing protocols and sanitizing or hand washing stations will be set up through the building and classrooms.

Breakfast and lunch times will be scheduled to allow for 50 percent capacity.

Although these guidelines will be followed by the whole county, each school will submit its own plan catered to its own students and building for more specific guidelines.

Superintendent Mike Wells said the elementary schools might require the kids to wear masks only when going from one part of the building to another, but high school students may have to wear them more often because they switch classrooms.

To provide meals for students for the day of remote learning in the middle of the week, students will receive their breakfast and lunch meals on Tuesday before they go home, Wells said.

With the bus system, only siblings or those who live in the same household will be allowed to sit together.

Wells said kids will be required to wear masks on the bus.

After the first week or so of classes, they will take note of how many kids ride the bus and if possible, evenly disperse the kids so there are close to the same amount on each bus.

The new school calendar will be presented to the board of education next week for approval to allow for the Sept. 8 start date per Gov. Jim Justice.

“They’re giving us some flexibility of how we design the calendar. The governor said June 1 but we’re still required to meet the 180 day instruction,” Wells said. “we’re having to be a little creative in doing that. It’s doable with Thanksgiving and a few days for Christmas. Spring break may be affected (but) we think we can do some hybrid of that and still make it doable.”


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