Cruiser purchase OKed in Calhoun County

Calhoun County vehicle caught fire July 3

Photos provided A Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department cruiser was deemed a total loss after it caught fire caused by hay on the road.

GRANTSVILLE — Calhoun County Commissioners have approved the purchase of a new cruiser for the sheriff’s department after a vehicle was destroyed in a fire earlier this month.

The fire occurred July 3 while a deputy was on routine patrol in the southern part of the county and came across a large bail of hay in the road, Sheriff Jeff Starcher said.

The deputy cleared the hay. He drove about a quarter of a mile down the road when hay heated up against the catalytic converter and caught fire.

“We lost several thousand (dollars) worth of equipment. The radio alone was $10,000,” Starcher said.

The insurance would cover the lost equipment as well, he said.

The vehicle, a 2011 Ford Crown Victoria, was a gift from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department last fall. Starcher said it was one of their nicer vehicles.

The town of Clendenin contacted Starcher saying they had a vehicle they were getting ready to rotate out of service and was willing to sell it to Calhoun County.

It’s a 2014 vehicle with around 60,000 miles. Starcher said the town has mutually agreed to sell it for $5,000, but that decision has not been made official.

Starcher said he would like to take possession of the car by Friday.

It will come with a light bar and a siren, but it will still need a radar and radio.

During Monday’s Calhoun Commission meeting via Zoom, the commissioners decided to write a check for the $5,000 and the insurance money will go back into the general county fund when those funds come through.

County commissioners asked Starcher for a quote of the amount of money lost in the fire.

“The commission is going to make it right with us whatever we’re out,” Starcher said.

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