Airport Authority approves roof renovation fee

WILLIAMSTOWN — The Wood County Airport Authority held a special meeting Tuesday morning when it approved the fee to renovate the roof of the main terminal and general aviation building.

The cost of the repairs are lower than what was anticipated.

“We’re way below what they evaluated the fee for those two roofs to be,” airport manager Glen Kelly said.

The main terminal roof is paid for by federal grants and the general aviation roof monies will come from the airport funding.

For the main terminal, Kelly said the airport is getting ready to submit the final paperwork for the grant funding.

“We know the money is out there and it’s slated for us,” Kelly said.

The roof project is expected to take place by the end of summer. The LED lighting upgrade is hoped to take place in October, but no dates are finalized, Kelly said.

When it does happen, the airport won’t be closed more than three days, but Kelly said it may be as few as one day. A majority of the work will take place between 10 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.

The airport held a grand opening ceremony earlier this month to commemorate the paving of the new runway. That project has been completed, but remaining to be done is to groove the runway and the final painting.

The finishing touches will start July 13 and will take about 30 days to complete, Kelly said.

The authority went into executive session and discussed the possibility of leasing unused property.



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