Wood County sees surge in COVID-19 cases

PARKERSBURG — After weeks of only adding one or two cases per day, the Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department announces 15 new positive cases and one probable have been identified in Wood County since Thursday, for a total of 75 positive cases, plus the five probables to date. Most of the new cases have been linked to a gathering in the area and two cases are linked to travel to Myrtle Beach.

MOVHD is working with the positive cases to identify others that may have been exposed and to encourage those to self-quarantine, monitor for symptoms and to be tested if concerned. Testing upon return from travel should occur five days after return to allow for possible incubation period. Being tested immediately upon return may give a false negative.

A probable case is treated the same as a positive and are asked to isolate. Contact tracing is also done. A person can be listed as probable if: presents with symptoms of COVID-19 and was exposed to a confirmed case and has a positive anti-body testing.

In the other counties, Roane County has 11 cases. Pleasants County has four cases and one probable. Ritchie County has two positive cases. Wirt County remains at four cases. Calhoun County has two confirmed cases.

MOVHD encourages individuals to be aware of the risks when being part of a social gathering.

To keep the number of cases as low as possible, it is important to wear a mask, social distance and use good hand sanitizing. If a person is not feeling well, they should avoid being out among the public as much as is possible. Individuals that test positive, especially after travelling or being in a large group, need to work with the case investigator to identify those that may have been infected by contact with the positive case. The person that is listed as a contact will only be told that they may have been exposed to COVID-19 and not given the person’s name.

Providing an accurate list of contacts will help to protect family, friends and the community from widespread infection.

Guidance for travel from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources can be viewed at movhd.com.


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