Wood County Recreation Commission delivers 2020 update

PARKERSBURG — The Wood County Recreation Commission on Friday issued an update for programs in 2020 because of the pandemic.

While all youth athletics programs for the summer of 2020 have been canceled, including the summer playgrounds, the commission’s board of directors “will be re-organizing the administrative offices this summer for a fresh restart in the fall, with the hopes of resuming all of the youth recreation programs at that time,” Sean Andrews, president of the Recreation Commission, said.

The recreation commission operates the West Virginia Honey Festival, the Harvest Moon Festival and the Parkersburg Fishing Derby.

The Fishing Derby and the Honey Festival have been canceled, Andrews said.

However, plans are ongoing for the Harvest Moon Festival to take place, dependent upon the status of the governor’s orders at the time, he said.

The board is sorry the events had to be canceled, “but the board felt this would be a good time to reorganize and begin in the fall with even better athletic programs for our area youth,” Andrews said.

The Recreation Commission also operates boys and girls elementary basketball, tee ball, elementary track and junior wrestling in addition to the fairs and festivals.


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