‘Light up the lot’ prayer event honors hospital staffers, first responders

Memorial Health System’s two Marietta hospitals and Belpre campus were visited in prayer by various faiths Monday in thanks and asking for protection of the staff of the hospital during the present pandemic. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

MARIETTA — The Mid-Ohio Valley community came together Monday night to three different parking lots, but with only one purpose; to show appreciation for everything first responders and hospital staff have been doing to combat COVID-19, and pray for their continued safety.

“The hospital staff have been working so hard and sacrificing their own safety daily to care for others,” said Elizabeth Bird, with Marietta Memorial Pastoral Services, and co-organizer of the event.

The One Church Vienna joined forces with Pastoral Services at Marietta Memorial Hospital and other members of the faith community to organize the “light up the lot” event at both Memorial Health System campuses and at Selby General Hospital in Marietta.

Bird said although the event did not see a large turnout, they were beyond thankful for those who did show up and show their support.

“We are surrounded by an incredible community,” said Bird. “We are grateful for everyone coming together and doing their part during this time.”

In the parking lot of Marietta Memorial Hospital, employees and members of the Mid-Ohio Valley faith community held a series of prayers Monday night in thanks and asking for protection of the staff of the hospital during the present pandemic. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

Bird said the light up the lot event was aimed at reminding everyone they are important and appreciated.

“Everyone has stepped up their game not just doctors and nurses, but positions all throughout the hospitals including laundry and sanitation,” said Bird. “Each is important and each is appreciated.”

Bird said she was grateful to be a part of the light up the lot events.

“It was a really neat event and it was so uplifting and encouraging to be a part of,” she said.

A fire truck from Fearing Township accompanied the prayers held over Marietta Memorial Hospital Monday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson)

The One Church Vienna and Freedom Gate Church live-streamed prayers at both of Memorial Health System’s Marietta hospitals Monday. (Photo by Janelle Patterson0


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