Vienna City Council drops primary election

Races to be determined in November vote

Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp congratulates and commends the League of Women Voters, which is celebrating 100 years today. (Photo by Madeline Scarborough)

VIENNA — A resolution was passed at Thursday’s Vienna City Council meeting to abolish the nonpartisan primary election in May and hold the city election only in November.

The city ordinance reads that “in the event that in the same election year three or less candidates file for the Office of Mayor, three or less candidates file for the Office of Recorder, and fifteen or less candidates file for the Office of Councilman, upon certification to Council by the Recorder of such filings, Council may, by resolution, order that the primary election for that year be waived and not held. In such event, the only election held for that election year shall be the non-partisan general election, held in accordance with the provisions of Article 103, relating to such general elections.”

This year there are 11 people running for city council, two for recorder and Randy Rapp is running unopposed for re-election as mayor.

Bids accepted by council:

* One bid was sent in for flower planting and maintenance from Scots Landscaping for $22,689. This money will be used for the upkeep and flower plantings to include at the entrances to Jackson and McDonough parks, the senior center, Spencer Park, the hanging flower baskets on Grand Central Avenue and the Gold Star and Blue Star memorials.

* Two bids were sent in for the price of concrete per cubic yard for the upcoming year: Cardinal Concrete, $130 a cubic yard, and Hanson Readimix, $126 a cubic yard. Council accepted the bid from Hanson Readimix.

Other business addressed by council:

* Tony Tiano, grant writer, presented a resolution for the Equal Employment Opportunity Plan for Women and Minorities; this passed unanimously.

* Council accepted the donation of vehicle to the city. The 2015 Toyota Camry was donated by Norine Davis.

* $5,000 was moved from line 33 of the Police Department’s budget to line 16 of the Police Department’s budget to allow time to transfer data from Insynch to Zuercher.

* A resolution authorizing Rapp to enter an agreement with Vienna Baptist Church for the gazebo as part of the Tree and Beautification Committee’s “Trek Vienna” project was approved. The gazebo, at Grand Central Avenue and 36th Street, will have history of the city, QR codes that give additional information and ideas of things to do around town.

* Rapp congratulated the League of Women Voters, which was founded on Feb. 14, 1920, for celebrating 100 years and commended the league for its significant contributions “to empowering voters and making democracy work.”

Madeline Scarborough can be reached at mscarborough@newsandsentinel.com


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