Marshall County becomes Second Amendment Sanctuary

MOUNDSVILLE — Marshall County in West Virginia is now a Second Amendment sanctuary county.

The Marshall County Commission Tuesday adopted a resolution pledging to defend the constitutional rights of residents with special focus on the right to keep and bear arms.

Commissioners unanimously approved the resolution, which expressed their desire to oppose any legislation which would restrict citizens’ rights to be armed in a legal manner.

The resolution designates Marshall County as a “sanctuary county,” affirming that the commissioners oppose any legislation to infringe on the rights of citizens, including the use of public funds to carry out such infringement.

Earlier this month, resident Michael Bell approached the commissioners asking for their support against any potential red flag legislation, following Tyler County’s lead in becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary. At the time, Commission President Scott Varner said the commissioners already took an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution.

The resolution reaffirms the rights already guaranteed to citizens, the commission said.

“We all still believe that we’re already protected under the Constitution, and there are many other counties across the state (that have made similar resolutions), and after further discussion, we decided to do it ourselves,” Varner said. “I don’t think that this resolution changes our ability at all to protect the Second Amendment, or … any amendment. In our oath, we swore to uphold the Constitution.”

Red flag laws are a method to prevent potentially dangerous people from obtaining a gun.

The resolution to become a sanctuary county is symbolic.

Marshall joins Wirt, Nicholas, Preston, Harrison, Wayne, Tyler, Putnam and Mason counties that have become Second Amendment sanctuary counties. The first county to adopt such a resolution was Putnam.

A proposal was made earlier this month before the Wood County Commission to become a sanctuary county, but commissioners instead passed a resolution saying Wood County is a sanctuary for the entire constitution.