Williamstown Bee City USA plans new year

A worker from the city of Parkersburg Tuesday morning installs banners on Market Street in the Downtown PKB beautification project. Downtown PKB partnered with the Art Beat Studio of the Wood County Society. (Photo Provided)

WILLIAMSTOWN — The first Williamstown Bee City USA meeting of the year was full of discussion for what the upcoming year could hold.

Members approved a new sign, discussed upcoming speaker series dates, and established an application for a pollinator friendly garden.

Williamstown kicked off its speaker series in November, with Shanda King, owner and operator of Simply Bee, presenting information about beekeeping and the responsibilities that come along with that.

“We are lucky to have experts coming in to speak with the public about pollinators,” said Marty Seufer, committee president.

Pollinators include more than just bees, such as moths, butterflies, birds and bats.

The new sign design approved by the committee to be displayed at the Armstrong Garden. (Photo by Madeline Scarborough)

The next speaker will be Sheldon Owen, WVU Extension Service wildlife specialist, speaking about pollinator habitats and how they benefit more than just pollinators.

Owen will present on Jan. 25 at the First Baptist Church of Williamstown at 7 p.m.. This is a free event for anyone interested in learning more about pollinators.

The next two presentations will feature Susan Olcott, WVDNR Lepidoptera and Pollinator Conservative project leader, and Brandy Brabham, WVU Extension Service Agriculture Agent.

Olcott will be speaking near the end of February on the status of Monarch butterflies, conservation, pesticides, agriculture and pollinators.

Brabham will be speaking near the end of March on creating a pollinator haven in your yard or garden.

Brabham’s topic is planned to align with spring planting, and can help educate people on what to plant to attract pollinators to the area.

A list of suitable plants, local farms that grow those plants, and the application for a certificate for a pollinator friendly garden can be provided by Paula Rankin or Jenifer Corkran in the Williamstown City Clerk’s Office.

Announcements made at the meeting:

∫ Jan. 25 at WVU-P will be the annual Honey Bee Expo. Keynote speaker is Dr. James Tew, a beekeeping specialist. Tew has taught classes, provided extension services, and conducted applied research on honey bees and honey bee behavior. Additionally, he continues to contribute monthly articles for Bee Culture Magazine and other publications he has authored: Beekeeping Principles, Backyard Beekeeping, Bee, Wisdom for Beekeepers, and The Beekeeper’s Problem Solver.

There will be workshops for all levels of beekeepers from beginners to advanced. Registration forms are available at movba.org as well as further information.


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