Grantsville water facility construction effort in works

GRANTSVILLE — The Grantsville water plant will receive a facelift next year due to a project totaling $4.2 million.

Tim Meeks from the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Council said the planning part of the project started in 2014. In 2015, Dunne Engineers of Charleston was selected to design the project and its design is now complete.

Improvements for the water plant will include painting, cleaning and replacing of equipment and the construction of a 525,000-gallon water storage tank.

“It’s going to keep the plan operating properly and in compliance,” Meeks said.

Funds for the project were thanks to a USDA loan, a grant from the USDA and a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission, Meeks said. Funding was granted in August 2018 and took about four years to obtain.

“(It’s) typical especially for that much grant being requested,” Meeks said.

Although the water plant will need to generate more revenue for the project, Meeks said customers should see only about a $5 increase in their bill once everything is completed.

A de-watering system will be installed as part of the project since the plant doesn’t currently have one. A de-watering system works to remove mud, according to Meeks.

Early next year the project will be out to bid for construction companies.

Construction will take about 300 days, according to Meeks, and it should be completed by the end of 2020 or by early 2021.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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