Parkersburg Utility Board to begin flushing water lines

PARKERSBURG — The Parkersburg Utility Board’s Water Division will flush water lines in the city and surrounding service areas starting at 10 p.m. today.

Flushing will continue around the clock until the work is completed, expected to happen around 3 a.m. Sunday.

Flushing will begin on 19th Street and move north on Dudley Avenue and west to the Ohio River. Simultaneously, a second crew will begin flushing on 19th Street moving east of Dudley Avenue and south toward the Little Kanawha River by 11 a.m. Saturday.

Relief crews should start in the area of City Park and move across the Little Kanawha River to south Parkersburg. Work will continue moving south toward Pettyville.

“Flushing of the water lines is done to remove the buildup of iron and manganese oxides from the lines and to inspect the operation of the fire hydrants in the water distribution system,” PUB Manager Eric Bennett said. “Water line flushing helps to maintain the quality of water provided to the customers of Parkersburg’s water system.”

Some residents may experience a temporary discoloration of their water while the work is taking place.

“It is likely that some brown-colored water will enter house connections if water is used at the same time that the flushing is being done in the area,” Bennett said.

It is recommended that laundry not be done when water line flushing is happening in the area. If laundry becomes stained, it should not be dried. Instead, it should be rewashed with a product formulated for iron stain removal such as Iron Out or Red Out.

People who experience discolored water are advised to turn on the cold water and allow it to run until the water clears. It’s recommended that hot water not be used until the customer is satisfied the water is running clear.

Questions can be directed to 304-424-8554.


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